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2023-24 General Trades & Signings

Started by herman, November 08, 2023, 03:19:42 PM

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What we're seeing are two teams that haven't had much playoff success lately catching fire and just going for it. We've also beaten them both while dealing with injuries and substandard performances this season. Edmonton is probably the next to bite on something.

Tidy bit of business by Montreal though!


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Absolute lunacy. I get the cap hit stuff but this dudes a 3C and pending UFA.

edit: and they don't even get any retention either

I agree.

We need to kidnap Treliving et al until after the deadline.

Lindholm deal raised the bar.

The bidding on Tanev will be nuts.

On the flip side...does this add fuel to the "selloff assets" fire?

If I were GM, that would be a top priority to look at.
But MLSE board is unlikely to go along with it.

My hesitation is you should have a better idea as to how the scenario is likely to play out.
Part of that is, if you have your fire sale, how will you fix the roster?
Some of the answer lies in the UFA market. At a glance, that doesn't look really great this summer.

My priority would be to fix the top 4 D. I think they need two of them.
Rielly ______ (UFA?)
McCabe ______ (Trade?)
Benoit Liljegren

That priority assumes Woll is probably going to be their Cup winning goalie. Is he able?

Then they have to fill in the forwards

_______ Matthews Nylander
_______ Tavares  Marner
Knies  ________  Jarnkrok
_______ Kampf  _______
(maybe Knies is top 6 ..)
Robertson - does he fit?
Is Minten going to be able to help next season?
Holmberg probably can help.

And it all has to fit under the cap

Presumably a fire sale could help fill a couple of the holes providing more young assets for trades to help make up for a thinner UFA market for what they need.

Because they have few young assets to trade, they will be more reliant on the UFA market to fix the roster.

My suspicion is that it gives them a better chance to be a real contender next season as they definitely do not have enough young assets to burn to make them a real contender this season. But I'd want a little more clarity on the UFA market and how likely it would be to help. Part of that is because they got left at the top 4 dman alter in the UFA market last year. And I'd want some better idea of what I think I could trade for before I committed - maybe in the summer when prices are hopefully more reasonable.

Loosely, that would be my thought process.


Dubas finally gets the guy he wanted to draft and it only took trading Nylander.