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Leafs 2023/2024 Schedule in 10 game chunks

Started by Zee, June 27, 2023, 02:52:05 PM

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Of the upcoming opponents, only the Lightning (.850) and Pens (.550) are playing above .500 in their last ten

Lightning are 4 pts back with the tiebreaker (no games in hand)
Game against the Lightning Wednesday might be pretty big.

I say 'might' be because there has been some debate on who the preferable opponent would be
Among Boston & Florida, many seem to fear Florida more.
Among Tampa and our Leafs, Tampa is playing .850 hockey over their last ten. Leafs might be perceived as the preferable opponent.


No offense to Reaves but when he's your man of the match, things probably didn't go so well.




As inconsistent as this team felt at times, no 10 game chunks below .500 is remarkable consistency.