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Traveling with Pets

Started by Highlander, December 30, 2022, 06:24:37 PM

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For the last 12 years I have travelled with my pets and stayed La Quinta, mainly because of their no charge for pets policy. On Wednesday I stayed at a La Quinta in Washington, no charge for pets, last night I stayed in Nevada and no charge for pets.  I just checked into the La Quinta in Kingman AZ and was told it was 25 per pet and no exceptions.  I feel ripped off as that's 50 bucks for a retired senior citizen, with no advanced warning. I will get a refund that is for sure, as I am going to stir up so much **** on this issue.
Damn wrong and not pointed out on the corporate website.   So my advice is book with the La Quinta hotels dyou want to stay at direct and let Wyndham direct know that they are ripping off people.  Wyndham is a huge corporation that is out of touch with its clients.
Also my dogs are doodles, non shedding and hypoallergenic.  No one would have a clue my dogs have be in the room.   There are several other hotel chains that don't charge for pets, I guess they will get my business.
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