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What Now?

Started by hobarth, January 16, 2023, 02:56:13 PM

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Quote from: Arn on February 03, 2023, 04:02:17 AMI mean the season ends when the season ends.

That's why they call the playoffs the "post season". Because they're after the season. It's in the name.

I'd take performance in an 82 game sample as more representative of an overall performance level of a team than a playoff lottery.

and the Atlantic Division has been the toughest in recent years... 4 100 point teams last year.. there hasn't been a series that appeared to be a lock with the possible exception of the "crosscheck" series against Montreal...   


Quote from: hobarth on February 02, 2023, 10:41:20 PMTO doesn't finish top 5 every year, it finishes top 16, if by some miracle TO could progress beyond the 1st round in the playoffs then we could say TO has finished in the top 8

The NHL playoffs haven't worked that way for 10 years. The current format offers no insight into how the team would fare outside of the division.

There are a bunch of ways to try and answer that question. If you're not comfortable with the regular season's rankings, the NHL does try to account for that when they come up with their draft rankings, which placed the Leafs at #8 the last two years.