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RIP Borje Salming

Started by Deebo, November 24, 2022, 01:57:34 PM

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I met Borje once at the 2004 World Cup of Hockey at the ACC. Super gracious and posed for a photo I took. Amazing Guy that will be greatly missed!

RIP Mr. Salming.

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I have no idea why I chose to rewatch the 2 ceremonies with Borje.

It just makes me too emotional.

I'm old enough to have fully seen him come to the Leafs, his greatness and his legacy, and I'm forever grateful to him for all he did, and for all he was.
I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you.

Wendel's Fist

I recorded the two games with the Borje ceremonies just because of him and the emotion then was too much. Seeing Sittler would be much harder now.

I remember being around 15 or something and going by a Toronto Sun Box. They had a huge picture on the front page of the time Salming's face was cut by a skate and he needed over 250 stitches. The guy was tough as nails.

Man, seeing these these guys go from my youth is depressing. It all goes too fast.


Guilt Trip

Fun little video...Love the part where he stops Mario...was lucky to see his whole career. He will always be my favourite Leaf.


He was a leaf I watched play before I was even 10 years old.

RIP  Borje.
The Catalyst?


Didn't take long to hear about this. I'm near the equator.
I couldn't watch the video from his home all the way through.
Same for the recent game videos of him being honored.
It's was too much - too sad seeing him that way.
I'm so sorry he's gone but relieved his suffering is over.

I liked a number of the Leafs in the 60s. One of them was Bobby Baun ... who wore #21.
When Borje showed up and got his number, I recall some mixed feelings about that initially.
Borje put those concerns to rest very quickly and became the best dman to wear any Leafs jersey in my opinion.

In the 80s, I was in a club waiting for some friends. I saw an empty seat in the dark back corner. Asked if anyone was using it and if not, if I could sit there. Guy says sure. I sit down. Order a quart and then the light illuminates this man: it was Borje. He was waiting for friends too. Both groups kept us waiting a long time. I didn't bring up hockey - it was his night off. He asked me more questions about me than I asked him. Mostly small talk. His entourage showed up quite some time later. My group after that.

It was at a time when media were all over him. Probably his lowest point as a Leaf. but with me, he was kind, patient, well-mannered, interesting, generous (he bought me a couple of beers, I bought him one) - a class act, etc. I walked away thinking "he was even nicer than they say he is and the media don't have the whole story right ..."

It was wonderful he and his family got a final heartfelt, loud & long cheer and good media coverage.

Sad day.


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