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Scoring Woes

Started by azzurri63, November 11, 2022, 07:52:37 PM

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You know I've been thinking we've complained about some of Dubas' moves ie goaltending and not improving the D. How many of you feel that we need to maybe pick up some scoring. I know Matthews isn't producing as of yet but I get this feeling that the scoring team wide might be a concern this year. Anyone else feel the same? Is it just getting accustomed to line mates, new guys in the lineup or is there maybe an area of concern.

Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFate

What is the shooting %?  Seems like they miss a lot of shots so far.  If the % is abnormally off, then I'd say wait it out.


Kerfoot and Robertson shouldn't be in the top 6, Boston won for years loading up the 1st line, TO might have to do the same.

Maybe try Ny/AM/MM

Get rid of the Swizz armyknife, should be a considerable lineup to trade for him considering how great he is?

TO started the year with what, 9 d-men with NHL experience and Rielly is the most expensive?

Significantly Insignificant

I don't think the Leafs can play on bad ice.  The bouncing pucks and such.  It disrupts their flow too much.

It's not the effort level or the way the team is built per se.  It's the fact that it is warm during the playoffs.
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