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Ads on TMLfans & AdBlockers

Started by Rick Couchman, October 24, 2022, 05:11:00 PM

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Rick Couchman

Hey all.

In an attempt to generate a little more revenue for TMLfans, not to make any real profit, but to make sure we always meet monthly costs of running the website, we've added back ads.

I know so many of you use ad blockers whenever you're viewing the web.  I do, too.  I'm asking you to consider disabling your adblocker for TMLfans.  It'd help pay the bills. It really would. I have no way of knowing if you do or not and don't want to know ;)

And if anyone ever wants to know, or wonders about my financials of the website, I'm fully transparent.  I'd gladly give you a complete breakdown of the tiny TMLfans books - income and expenses. I can tell you it's always within $50 income vs expenses monthly.

If you choose to disable your ad blocking for the website, and don't feel you have to, here's a few links...

Using AdBlock...

Using Chrome...


Having ads on the left side panel is really, really bad for mobile viewing:

Rick Couchman

Quote from: CarltonTheBear on October 24, 2022, 05:33:36 PMHaving ads on the left side panel is really, really bad for mobile viewing:

Damn. I'll delete :)


The one at the top of the page was potentially fine (I mean as far as ads go). Don't think it distorted the page, just the left one.