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Donations Support for TMLfans

Started by Rick Couchman, October 02, 2022, 04:16:21 AM

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Rick Couchman

Hey folks...

Just a reminder that it costs money to maintain and keep upgrading TMLfans.ca... Add to that, the monthly server costs are a pain...

1. Many of you support TMLfans monthly via Paypal or Patreon. Others donate once in a while through various means.  DO NOT FEEL YOU HAVE TO! There's no requirement at all. What I get goes back into the website. I won't be shutting the lights off anytime soon - even if some of the cost comes out of my pocket at times.

2. I'll likely introduce some ads back on the site. I'll keep them to a minimum, so please consider turning off your ad blockers for TMLfans. It all helps!


1. Patreon membership. We love this one! The gift that keeps on giving:

2. Bank etransfers can be sent to: couchmanrick@gmail.com, which is an awesome option!

3. PayPal & credit card donations to TMLfans.ca are accepted here: 

4. Feel free to email Rick Couchman (couchmanrick@gmail.com) for a snail-mail mailing address for cash, cheques or family heirloom jewelry.

Your support is greatly appreciated!