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2022 Training Camp Thread

Started by CarltonTheBear, September 21, 2022, 08:07:25 AM

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So who claims Anderson? I'm gonna say Phoenix.
I Saw Jay McClement Score.


I'm sad for him as a person as I think he loves being a Leaf and I actually liked him as a player in his earlier days. Sadly I think those earlier days have caught up with him and he just doesn't offer enough.

I hope he gets a spot. Maybe Philadelphia would be a nice place to finish his career.
I Saw Jay McClement Score.


I live near Philly. Would love to see him return.


Simmonds seems like a great person, hopefully when his playing days are done he can be part of the Leafs organization in some capacity


Like many, I didn't think he'd crack the top 20 and I doubted there would be room for him on a smaller NHL roster due to the cap squeeze.
He'd be an easy victim of "we have to do something different"
But I watched him some this preseason. He seemed ok. Maybe a little rejuvenated.
He might be able to help a team.
Selfishly, I hope he clears waivers and doesn't retire. I've always liked him.
If the pendulum on fighting starts to swing back or 4th liners get hurt, he could be handy for depth.


This is correct

Hollowell and Anderson clear


So no takers on trading for Simmonds ..

Benn (groin) probably goes on LTIR with Liljegren

Opening night to fit under cap, 19 players if Tavares on IR and no trades:



Robertson called up on emergency recall if Tavares can't go for the 2nd game

Not exactly surprising




Quote from: cw on October 09, 2022, 01:30:37 PMSo no takers on trading for Simmonds ..

I wonder if there's a team out there waiting to see if he clears waivers, so they have a little more flexibility with him. Being able to yo-yo him adds value.
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Quote from: herman on October 09, 2022, 03:12:43 PMhttps://twitter.com/kyle_cush/status/1579202282016894976
Don't want to make it too obvious lol

The weird delay in Aston-Reese getting signed makes plenty of sense now.
I do not recall seeing anything like that.
He maximized his contract for what they could afford to give him so it worked out for both parties.


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No regrets about putting zero mental energy into cap concerns and the make up of the 4th line this off-season.


Quote from: herman on October 09, 2022, 04:54:46 PMNo regrets about putting zero mental energy into cap concerns and the make up of the 4th line this off-season.

In my mind, it used to be that the 4th line was kind of cobbled together with the enforcer from those who fell short of making the top 3 lines.

This camp seemed unusual in that the 1st and most particularly the 4th line got set very early.
It relates some to the cap and some to the talent on the roster but I don't recall seeing that before.