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R1, G7: Lightning @ Leafs - May 14th, 7:00pm - CBC, TSN 1050

Started by CarltonTheBear, May 13, 2022, 11:13:41 PM

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Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFate

That was beautiful, Louis, thanks for sharing all those wise thoughts.  And congrats on experiencing that championship feeling!

Posts like these are why I enjoy this site so much.

Guilt Trip


Quote from: L K on May 15, 2022, 10:35:51 AM
I like a lot about Robertson but every time he gets called up he looks lost compared to AHL Robertson.

I think some of Robertson's struggles mirror how Liljegren struggled in his call-ups prior to this season. Not only were they both maybe brought up a little bit early (worth noting Robertson only turns 21 this September), but they generally get very short-term call ups where they're thrust onto a team mid season and maybe felt a little uncomfortable or tentative in the situation. He shouldn't necessarily be handed a NHL job but with a full training camp where he's able to grow with the team and coaching staff on and off the ice from the get-go and a spot on in the line-up that won't be taken away after 1 mistake or when a regular comes back from injury I think he could have a Liljegren-like impact next season.


Aside from cap-related maneuvers, I think the main change has to be tactical. Getting stymied three series in a row by a team counter punching for a lead and then packing the house for minimal slot chances can't stop us next season.

The play style is fine for regular season (dominant, even) but in a series with drilled in focus and basically open book scouting, you gotta do something that's not as stoppable. Nick Paul's goals and Carolina's play style ought to be the template for something to layer onto what the Leafs already do:
1) supported rushes with better routes for rebounds.
The Leafs style is hold for better lanes and looks in the slot. Those get taken away first in the playoffs. Look to force rebounds instead and have the off puck players attack in staggered waves at the expected rebound angles. Giving the depth roles to our seasoned prospects should help with this, as footspeed and gumption are key.

2) in PP/OZ setups, forwards should just shoot. Similar to the above, our skill is a standout feature and a tool we should be leveraging to turn chaos into opportunity. More weird shots and surprise angles make goalies work harder, tire sooner. We don't need highlight reel tic-tac-snipe plays. Goals are goals. Matthews patented catch-n-release wrist bomb weighs the same as a tip off Kämpf's ass.

3) get more practice being 'dirty'. Our approach to playoff interference and whatnot is like nerds trying to stand up for themselves for the first time. Holl had the right idea picking for Tavares, but he did it so obviously even I wanted to blow the whistle.

Significantly Insignificant

Quote from: L K on May 15, 2022, 10:35:51 AM
I don't think anything can guarantee a first round win.  Jack was fine but ultimately he had an .897 SV% in the playoffs.  Goaltending didn't lose us the series but it didn't win it for us either.  This team did not get good goaltending for the majority of the season.  I don't know where you go to find that.  The organizations inability to develop a goaltender has been a problem.   

We need internal guys to come up and replace some people but aside from maybe Abruzzezze and Robertson I don't see anyone else who is probably NHL ready.  I like a lot about Robertson but every time he gets called up he looks lost compared to AHL Robertson.  I'm
Worried that he really is too small for the NHL.  The difference between a. Guy like Blackwell who is tiny but is strong and able to fight through guys is really noticeable.  Maybe that's just an age thing with him but he gets knocked around far too easily.

It would be nice if the Leafs had a center prospect that could play second line minutes and they could move Tavares to the first line left wing.  I was thinking maybe Kerfoot moves into that second line center role, and Nylander then works the wing on that line with Bunting.  Not sure how well it works.

As for the goaltending, I don't know if there is anything they can do there.
"We can't change what's done, we can only move on." - Arthur Morgan