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R1, G1: Lightning @ Leafs - May 2nd, 7:30pm - CBC, Fan 590

Started by CarltonTheBear, May 01, 2022, 08:53:03 PM

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Quote from: Frank E on May 03, 2022, 04:50:03 PM
Eh, I'd rather have Clifford getting Maroon, or perhaps in the future, Wilson, off the ice for 5-10 minutes than Rielly.

But Clifford is probably going to have to keep his nose clean if he wants to be in the lineup in these playoffs.  I get the feeling that Keefe wasn't too pleased with the stupid penalty.  That could have changed the whole result of that game.

Nothing wrong with being aggressive, setting a tone but you have to be smart. You're absolutely right TB scores a goal maybe 2 on the 5 minute major game takes a totally different turn. Plenty of time to nail guys, get back at someone but you can't pull a Kadri and hurt the team. I recall other incidents lately where he took 2 dumb penalties that cost us one late in a tie game. We need his physical presence but he's got to be smarter.