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2022 Blue Jays

Started by Deebo, November 16, 2021, 10:24:51 AM

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Quote from: L K on November 16, 2022, 03:27:25 PMOverall its' not a horrible move.  Swanson's peripheral numbers are decent and we have him for 3 years.  Losing Teo is tough but we also need to see what he gets replaced with.  The 60 games we would get of healthy Brandon Nimmo wouldn't really be an adequate tradeoff.

My very remote hope is that they use their catching surplus to land the Lefty hitter they need and then use the money to target either Correa or, maybe, Verlander.
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I love Teo but his hitting LHP is suspect and a few times during the season it looked like he gave up on a few plays. Going to miss his smile though.
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Was there not rumblings last year about Teoscar being unhappy and feeling slighted? If so, it was probably a good time to move on from him if it helps the bullpen and opens up money.
Despite the very dangerous roster that the jays fielded last year, they were very inconsistent and failed to produce at the level that was expected. I'm not saying Hernandez was the problem, but some changes are needed to the line up. The energy they brought in 2021 was missing in 2022. Hopefully they can get that back.