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Started by Rick Couchman, November 09, 2021, 08:16:23 PM

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Rick Couchman

Hi.  I'm downgrading the server.  I pay about $110/month for the server that hosts TMLFANS.

I just can't justify those costs.  I've downgraded to a server that should still be robust enough to manage the forums.

The move will come between now and 72 hrs - best guess.  We could lose some posts that happen as the server company moves things.

I'm considering a Patreon account where I might ask for small donations.  And you don't have to donate, just if you can.  I'll let ya know that sometime soon.

Love ya all!


Rick Couchman

Finally put this together.  Here's the DONATION page, for those who want to help out a little.

My first choice is #1, although I'd take anything. it all helps.

If I do get a few donations through Patreon, I'll eventually have a monthly giveaway - a gift card or something similar.


Cheers, Rick