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Ranking Prospects 2021-2022

Started by herman, July 07, 2021, 02:31:53 PM

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I love Leafs summer articles and the clutching for timely relevance that comes with it.
This one, however, starts off with a kitschy gimmick that is actually a good meta analysis of both the prospects (per the title) and the act of generating content for sad people in need of hope with boilerplate effort.

So to spin off that prompt (Dubas' end of season quote about graduating some Marlies, in place of UFA-ing the bottom 6), who should the Leafs take really long looks at, and who will ultimately rise and grind?

S-Tier: Go immediately to Matthews' wing and profit
none, but maybe we get a little crazy at the draft.

Tier 1: Immediate drop-in replacement parts
Pontus Holmberg, Joey Anderson, Denis Malgin, Bobby McMann
Carl Dahlstrom, Kristians Rubins
Erik Kallgren

Tier 2: Let's see what you've got or whether you need to learn how to dominate the game
Alex Steeves, Nick Robertson, Filip Kral, Max Ellis, Braeden Kressler, Semyon Der-Arguchintsev
Mac Hollowell, Topi Niemela, Mikko Kokkonen
Joseph Woll

Tier 3: Well, if someone gets hurt...
Curtis Douglas

Tier 4: This cup of coffee needs more percolating
Pavel Gogolev, Roni Hirvonen, Dmitri Ovchinnikov, Ty Voit, Mikhail Abramov
Mike Koster, Axel Rindell, William Villenueve
Ian Scott

Tier 5: LMAO