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Remembering 50 Mission Cap

Started by RobDM, April 04, 2021, 08:28:03 PM

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Dear TMLfans community.

It's with sadness that I inform you all of the passing of Kevin Marchment, our 2018 teammate and long-time supporter of TMLfans.

Several of Kevin's friends have posted messages of condolences on his FB page, as today would have been his birthday.

I do not have any further information at this time. Please remember him in your thoughts and prayers.  He was a terrific person.



Guilt Trip


Aw crap. He was a good guy. I knew he was having a tough time when he most recently posted here but even then he was warm and goodhearted.

That really sucks. My deepest condolences.
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sorry to hear this. Condolences to all his friends and family.


Would have been 45 today. He had put in a lot of work to get sober and stay sober. Had also just started a new job about 2-3 months ago. My condolences to his kids Madison and Sam.



I didn't really know him but any time this happens on the boards it hits close to home. My thoughts are with him and his family.
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Brutal, always seemed like a good a good egg.

May God have mercy on his soul and provide a measure of grace to his loved ones.

Heroic Shrimp

Dammit, that sucks so much. He was a good one. Rest in peace, Kevin.
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That's rough - Kevin seemed like a genuinely nice guy, and I appreciated his candor and vulnerability in the Depression & Anxiety thread.  I was rooting for him.  Rest in Peace.


My thoughts are definitely with his family. Sad to hear about this. Life is fragile.

Frank E

Very sorry to hear this terrible news.

Rest in peace, 50.


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He fought his demons  and was in some dark spots.  But in the end he was a good guy and person. The only other fan i knew with an Andreychuk jersey.
RIP bud and my condolences to your family.


Terrible news. Condolences to his entire family.


Terribly sad, may he rest in peace.
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