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Biden Time

Started by Arn, January 23, 2021, 12:23:30 PM

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So it was mentioned we should break talk of post Trump presidency into a new thread

A look back at his first day in full

I Saw Jay McClement Score.


Honestly one of my biggest hopes for the Biden presidency is that it means I'll think about US politics much less often. Having a wildly incompetent fascist as President made that impossible but, in a weird way, was also instructive in that the political theatre was not particularly healthy for those of us who don't live there and that being more involved in our own politics is a much healthier way to approach change.
I wish to hell I'd never said "Winning isn't everything it's the only thing". What I believe is, if you go out on a football field, or any endeavour in life, and you leave every fibre of what you have on the field, then you've won.
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Yes, I?d agree. In fact I?d go so far as to say it?s actually been ?quieter? the last two days than on any single day of the last four years.

He?s made some of the changes that just made sense, things like rejoining the Paris climate agreement etc. with his executive orders.

As someone who enjoys travel and visits parts of the USA fairly regularly (pandemic excepted) it feels a bit more appealing again already than it had for a while.
I Saw Jay McClement Score.