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Formula 1 Incident

Started by Arn, November 29, 2020, 02:16:51 PM

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One of the most incredible crashes I have seen in years today in Bahrain. Romain Grosjean clipped a rear wheel on another car and careered across the track hitting a metal barrier straight on. His car split in two and erupted into flames instantly. He walked away from the incident and it looks like some burns to his hands and a couple of broken ribs.

The videos and photos are both incredible and terrifying. The safety standards that have allowed him to walk away from this deserve credit.



I Saw Jay McClement Score.


Oh and when the race did restart, on the first lap again, there was another small crash

I Saw Jay McClement Score.

Guilt Trip

That was unbelievable. For all those that complained about the safety halo, it saved his life. It's amazing he was able to get out of the car himself. A testament to how well and safe those cars are. And to that doctor  from the medical car that was reaching for Grosjean in that vid. Balls of steel. Could you imagine how hot those flames were


Frank E

So I was watching it live on TV yesterday morning...when it happened live you saw the car at the top of the screen going into the steel barrier and exploding.  Then they didn't show any footage of anything to do with the crash for like 5 minutes.  I said to my wife that for sure he died, that's why they're not even showing it again.  Finally they did once they determined he was OK, and I couldn't believe it.

I couldn't believe the footage of him maneuvering himself out of the crashed cockpit that was completely on fire and pushing his hands on the fiery edges to climb out...it's no wonder his hands were burnt there.