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Which team gains/losses the most in 4 week "pause"

Started by iwas11in67, March 13, 2020, 05:54:20 PM

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Taking into account:

who was hot or cold going into the "pause"
any major injury return ie Leafs get Muzzin and Soup back
any injury that just happened
which team needed the rest

just trying to get some talk going about when/if they return for anything this season.


Colorado has MacKinnon and Rantanen out, so gain is probably them.


Of the contenders, the Bruins and the Lightning would benefit since Boston has defencemen Krug & Carlo out, while the Lightning have Stamkos & Hedman out.

The Leafs stand to benefit with Mikheyev & Muzzin in recovery.

Of course, there's Colorado going through yet another round of injuries.  Not that they haven't been through this before but when one factors in McKinnon and that fact that he was their leader earlier in the season when the key Avs were hit with injuries, this time around sucks for them.  No doubt for them this pause will be beneficial.

The injured list is here:


Realistically speaking, the Islanders, Rangers, and yes the Panthers still had a chance for those wildcard spots — Isles & Rangers — while Florida was beginning a 2-game win streak to challenge the Leafs for that third-place in theur division.

That's also got to hurt for Vancouver and Minnesota in trying to contest  for those wildcard spots.

The Flyers were just about ready for a chance to challenge the Capitals for the #1 spot in the Metropolitan.
Same here with Colorado which is why those injuries couldn't have happened again at the worst time for them.