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Roy Halladay dies in Plane Crash

Started by Nik, November 07, 2017, 04:17:58 PM

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Well, I'm gutted. Obviously feel terrible for his family. One of the greats.
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That's horribly young. One of the first Jays I really remember and associate with the Jays when I was first able to follow MLB along with Delgado and for some reason Raul Mondesi
I Saw Jay McClement Score.


Brutal works so hard for so long, retires and finally has some free time to enjoy his family and fortune and passes away immediately. This sucks.
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Bob Elliott on Prime Time right now choked up talking about seeing him down in Florida with his boys at the park.


I guess we all loved Roy.

The last time I saw him pitch live was his last home start as a Jay. 7-hit complete game shutout. They were the best seats I ever had for a blue Jay game. 11 rows behind home plate.

He finished his Jays career with a 3-hit CG Shutout against Boston 5 days later.

Thanks for the memories Roy.



So awful. I loved watching him pitch. Seemed like a great guy. God, I am so afraid to fly in a small plane....
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I share Niks sentiments, I am gutted, Roy overcame a lot of trials early in his career and overcame them to become "Doc", what a tribute of a moniker if there ever was one. When they come along to making Legends Row for the Blue Jays greats, Mr. Roy Halladay will be front and centre.
How very sad.
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This news comes with disbelief. 

I remember Roy Halladay pitching for the Jays from those earliest days.  From the mound to the field, playing baseball, and off the field, in life  and in retirement,  Roy Halladay remained a classy human being.doc.

He was, and will always be, a Blue Jay.  Thanks for the memories, Doc.

Rest In Peace.


Terrible news, one of the greats both on and off the field.  Thoughts and prayers for his family and friends.

Captain Canuck

Shocking news!

Doc was one of the all-time greats in Jays history. Despite being one of the most naturally gifted players he always seemed so classy and humble when speaking about his accomplishments.
His playoff no-hitter for the Phillies was one of the greatest games I've ever seen.

I'm sure the Jays will do something special to honour him next season. Doc is a HOFer, not quite a 1st ballot HOFer, but certainly an eventual HOFer. I wonder if this tragedy speeds up that process and gets him to Cooperstown sooner than later?

Thoughts and prayers to his family.

Wendel's Fist

Horrible news. They guy was one of most humble athletes I've ever seen with the amount of talent he had. We were lucky to have him as a Blue Jay.

I still the remember the full page ad he put in the Sun after he was traded to the Phillies, thanking Toronto fans. What a great guy.

Here's a link to the Sportsnet report about it, in case anyone didn't see it back then........




A very well written tribute:


QuoteRoy Halladay should have thrown out those first pitches, should have made that speech at Cooperstown, should have stopped by the booth every year or so when the Blue Jays had a series at Tampa Bay. Instead, we're left with the only thing we could say about the abrupt end to his career: Thank goodness that existed. How lucky were we to get to watch that? Thank goodness that happened, and we were around for it.

Thank goodness for Roy Halladay, someone who will forever remind us of how elegant and fun the sport can be. Which is why it's so crushing to know that he won't be around to remind us in person for the indefinite future.
I wish to hell I'd never said "Winning isn't everything it's the only thing". What I believe is, if you go out on a football field, or any endeavour in life, and you leave every fibre of what you have on the field, then you've won.
- Vince Lombardi