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Ian Cole?

Started by digdug, November 28, 2017, 02:35:12 PM

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He's a left-handed shot-blocking defensive defenseman... as goodish as Hunwick but younger. I honestly hope we don't bother.
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He's a good player but not really what the Leafs need.

Frank E

I'm really hoping that Borgman starts to take some leaps in terms of development in his own zone.


If Pittsburgh is willing to eat some cap/basically give him away, sure - and that's pretty unlikely. If they want anything resembling fair value? Not really worth it for the Leafs. He's an upgrade to the 3rd pair, maybe.
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I might consider it if they gave us a decent pick to take him.

You don't take on a 28 year old who might be your 7th best dman when you've got young players already sitting and a log jam in the minors.

If they acquire a dman they have to be a legitimate tangible upgrade on what they already have.

Also, not sure that's a source I'd be running with. Friedman is solid.