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Remembering Sakura

Started by Heroic Shrimp, July 14, 2011, 10:43:14 AM

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Thank you H.S. I appreciate the information. Wish I had been able to interact with her, for someone to have such an impact on this forum is truly incredible. I hope it is true that God pulls the good ones to him/her first.  I wonder just how big that tree has grown. 

A friend of mine is married to a Japanese woman. When her father died, they went to Japan and the ceremony lasted many days. Every day they did something different to honour his spirit. It is a ritual going back forever. 
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Heroic Shrimp

15 years ago today we lost Sakura/m-gro.  What heartbreaking news it was back then, and it remains all these years later such a deep loss for so many.

Years ago, she gave me a mix CD with a wide variety of songs on it, including Husker Du's cover of the Mary Tyler Moore show theme song.  The lyrics are simple and cheesy, but they capture the way Sakura brightened the world around her.


Among the various links (some no longer working) in the Sakura archive https://www.tmlfans.ca/mgro/ , it's well worth going through Sakura's still active flickr account.  There are so many pictures in there that tell so much about who she was and what she cared about.  It's well worth having a long look, both for those who knew her and for those who never got the chance to.


The world misses you, this community misses you, and I miss you, Sakura.  Rest in peace.
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