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Series 47: Orioles @ Blue Jays (Mon., Tues., Wed., Sept. 11 to 13, 2017)

Started by hockeyfan1, September 11, 2017, 03:40:36 AM

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Place:   Rogers Centre   Toronto, ON

Mon. Sept.11
Starting Pitchers:   Marco Estrada   RH (Jays)      7-8  5.00  ERA
                            Ubaldo Jimenez LH (Orioles)   5-9  6.80  ERA
Time:                    7PM
TV/Radio:              Sportsnet,  The FAN 590

Tues. Sept.12
Starting Pitchers:    Joe Biagini        RH (Jays)      3-10  5.29  ERA
                             Kevin Gausman RH (Orioles)  10-10  4.99 ERA
Time:                     7PM
TV/Radio:              Sportsnet,  The FAN 590

Wed. Sept.13
Starting Pitchers:   Marcus Stroman RH (Jays)     11-7  3.18 ERA
                            Dylan Bundy RH (Orioles)      13-9  4.12 ERA
Time:                    7PM
TV/Radio:             Sportsnet,  The FAN 590

Source:  MLB.com


The Baltimore Orioles (71-72) visit the Toronto Blue Jays (66-77) in a three-game series here at the Roger Centre.

The Orioles will attempt to move on up in the WC standings  which they are still in the running for, 3.0 GB the Minnesota Twins for the second WC spot.

The Blue Jays will attempt to play the role of spoilers, as everyone is well aware that this Toronto outfit will not be going to the post-season, not by a long shot.

The Jays just took two out of three from the Detroit Tigers in their most recent series here at home, and for the third time this season, won back-to-back games in that series as well.

On a footnote, Jays ace pitcher Aaron Sanchez has been retired for the remainder of the season as announced by the club, in order for him to heal properly (blistered finger problems).  A wise move by the Jays organization. 

Anyways, let's see what the Blue Jays have in store for the Orioles.



Orioles 3  Blue Jays 4

Marco Estrada had command, Darwin Barney provided some laughs, Ryan Goins got Goin, and Dominic Leone got the save.

You're probably wondering what some of the above pertains to. Well, first off, Jays starter Estrada pitched like the Estrada of yore, as he struck out seven and allowed two runs on four hits in a little over 5+ innings, and had good control & command on the mound:

Quote[ My command] has definitely come back," Estrada said. "I felt really good today, I felt good on the last one. It's been a weird year, I went through a rough patch there where I had no clue where the ball was going."

As for Barney providing some on-field comedy, well when was the last time someone 'swam' into third base?  Actually it was a slide into third but he wobbled a bit sliding and ended up bobbing his way to the base.  Nevertheless it put the Jays' faithful in a good mood:

Quote"Fans looked a little bored, thought I'd get them on their feet a little bit," Barney said, the same smile returning to his face.

On the offensive side, both Barney, Urena  & Goins contributed, with Goins getting a homer plus two RBIs.

Reliever Leone pitched the ninth for the save.

Game recap:


Courtesy of Deadspin:

BALL! er... strike? Balls?

Castillo left the game with a lower-body injury contusion.

Captain Canuck

Barney's slide reminds me of when Todd Stottlemyre slid into third base in the 93 World Series and scraped his chin...ugly!

Urena continues to impress, had the big hit tonight in a walk-off victory! He had 3 more hits tonight and hasn't looked overmatched at the big league level so far. Starting SS in Buffalo next season at the minimum, could be the Jays SS to start next season depending on how Tulo rebounds from injury.


Orioles 2  Blue Jays  1

The Baltimotre Orioles prevented the Blue Jays from sweeping them and also put a halt to their five game losing streak.  The Jays had a four-game winning streak going before this game.

Jays starter Marcus Stroman pitched six innings allowing two unearned, (thanks to some outfield errors), and struck out seven.  The Stro Show was good to watch, as Stroman appeared fine and recovered from a slight elbow contusion, which had forced him to miss two starts.

The 'kids'  -- Urena, Hernandez, and Goins -- combined to provide the Jays with the lone run.

The game saw the return to action of Jays' catcher Russell Martin who had missed 42 games due to upper body injury (strained oblique).

Game recap: