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Series 43: Red Sox @ Blue Jays ( Mon., Tues., Wed., Aug.28 to 30, 2017)

Started by hockeyfan1, August 28, 2017, 05:49:52 AM

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Place:        Rogers Centre      Toronto,  ON

Starting Pitchers:     Marcus Stroman  RH (Jays)         11-6  3.17  ERA
                                    Drew Pomeranz   LH (Red Sox)    13-4  3.18 ERA
Time:                           7PM
TV/Radio:                  Sportsnet,   The FAN 590

Tues. Aug.29
Starting Pitchers:       Tom Koehler    RH (Jays)           1-6   7.42  ERA
                                      Chris Sale         LH (Red Sox)     14-6  2.88  ERA
Time:                            7PM
TV/Radio:                    Sportsnet,   The FAN 590

Wed.Aug. 30
Starting Pitchers:       J.A.Happ           LH (Jays)          6-10  4.10  ERA
                                       Rivk Porcello   RH (Red Sox)    8-15  4.57  ERA
Time:                             7PM
TV/Radio:                     Sportsnet,   The FAN 590

Source:   MLB.com


Red Sox 3  Blue Jays 0

Yawn.  What's new bluebird?  Oh Brett Anderson, former Chicago Cub, a lefty in his first game as a starter for the Jays.  Good effort Brett but, ah, tonight belonged to someone else...

...Boston's starter Cbris Sale, who struck out eleven and thereby set a MLB record for the most  strikeouts --1500-- in the fewest innings collectively (1290).

Back to the Jays' Anderson.  He allowed a run, and five hits in five+ innings.  A solid outing for the Jays' fourteenth starting pitcher this year, a team record. 

Too bad Anderson's strong debut had to be ruined by the wunderkind Sale.  No amount of magic would have derailed Sale's performance.  Certainly not any that the Blue Jays had in their arsenal anyways.

Coupled with Boston's 6-5 win on Tuesday, a last-minute comeback, ignited by the Jays on Justin Smoak's two-run blast in the ninth, that fell short of the mark, the Red Sox can take the series with one more win.  It'll be up to the Jays to salvage themselves from a Boston series sweep.

Game recap:


Red Sox 7  Blue Jays 1

S-w-e-e-p!  The Blue Jays were simply overwhelmed by a better, more determined, and depth-deep squad that was the Bosox, as Boston won all three games.

Never before in a series, have the Blue Jays had the opposition steal a total of eleven stolen bases, and not be caught out on any of them.  Goes to show the athleticism of these Red Sox and why they're at the top in the A.L. East.
Coming into the Rogers Centre, the Bosox had been on somewhat of a downslide, but playing the Jays seemed like the antidote to their recent woes.

Toronto slipped to eleven games below .500, a statistic most elusive to this Blue Jay club for most of the season and continuing.

Everything unravelled in this game for the Jays  first for starter Tom Koehler in the seventh inning, and then for the relievers in the eighth which allowed Boston to run away with the victory. 

Game recap: