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Series 30: Blue Jays @ Tigers (Fri., Sat., Sun. July 14 to 16, 2017)

Started by hockeyfan1, July 13, 2017, 02:01:14 AM

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Place:    Comerica Park   Detroit, MI

Fri. July 14
Starting Pitchers:     Aaron Sanchez   RH (Jays)     0-2  4.85 ERA
                               Justin Verlander RH (Tigers)   5-6  4.73 ERA
Time:                       7PM
Tv/Radio:                 Sportsnet,  The FAN 590

Sat. July 15
Starting Pitchers:     Francisco Liriano LH  ( Jays)   5-5  5.56 ERA
                               Michael Fulmer    RH (Tigers)  9-6  3.19 ERA
Time:                       6PM
TV/Radio:                 Sportsnet,  The FAN 590

Sun. July 16
Starting Pitchers:     Marco Estrada   RH (Jays)        4-6  5.77 ERA
                               Anibal Sanchez  RH (Tigers)     1-0  5.89 ERA
Time:                      1PM
TV/Radio:                Sportsnet,  The FAN 590

Source:   MLB.com


Blue Jays 7  Tigers 2

New season, new game.  Well not entirely, but the second half of the baseball season (after the All-Star break) is often referred as the new half-season.  This is especially true for struggling teams vying to gain a foothold up the standings to salvage a very poor to mediocre first half.  Others are simply trying to salvage some sort of respectability.  The latter is true for the Blue Jays.

The Jays ppounded the hapless Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park led by some powerful batting from Bautista and Pearce who both homered.  Russell Martin, Pillar, Donaldson & Darwin Barney also contributed, as the Jays feasted on Detroit starter Verlander.  The ten walks allowed the Jays from Tiger pitching was a big help in keeping baserunners busy.

Jays starter Aaron Sanchez pitched six consistent innings, a positive path in the right direction --no blistered finger problems were apparent, and Sanchez rebounding, (after having allowed eight runs against the Astros in Toronto in a game before the All-Star break), was the best positive of the night.

Let's hope this 10-game road trip, starting with the win over the Tigers, leads to more successes along the way.

Game recap:


I guess I'm nitpicking here but the Jays didn't exactly "feast" off of Verlander. He gave up 2 earned runs through 5 and 1/3 innings.

And I'm not sure how much Barney really contributed, as he was 1-5 and scored no runs, no rbi, struck out 3 times and left 7(!) on base.

But really good start for Sanchez. Command was much better.


Blue Jays 1   Tigers 11

What a way to blow a game.  Yet another debacle in which Jaya starter Francisco Liriano gave up five runs while his teammatea were being bedazzled by Detroit' s starter Michael Fulmer.

Toronto's relief pitchers didn't fare any better.  Ugh!



Blue Jays 5  Tigers 6  11th

An error by Josh Donaldson in the 11th inning that allowed the Tigers to load the bases, then, a bases-loaded walk right after gave Detroit the victory in today's rubber match.

With homers by Smoak (2-run blast), Morales, & Bautista (a 2-run shot that sent the Jays ahead in the fifth inning), the Jays relievers in the form of  Barnes, Harrell, and BĂ©liveau just couldn't hang on.

Jays starter Marco Estrada allowed four runs and several walks in slightly over three innings.  Not a good showing at all what with the control problems Estrada's been having this season. 

Game story:

Captain Canuck

Liriano and Estrada are absolutely killing the possibility of the Jays getting anything of consequence for them at the trade deadline.
Harrell shouldn't have been in such a high leverage situation today, but that is what happens when your starter only goes 3 and 2/3 innings and you burn up your pen!