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Series 26: Orioles @ Blue Jays (Tues. Wed. Thurs. June 27 to 29, 2017)

Started by hockeyfan1, June 27, 2017, 01:03:49 AM

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Place:      Rogers Centre   Toronto, ON

Tues. June 27     
Starting Pitchers:         Joe Biagini         RH (Jays)    2-6  4.45 ERA
                                  Kevin Gausman  RH (Orioles) 3-7  6.37 ERA
Time:                          7PM
TV/Radio:                    Sportsnet,  The FAN 590

Wed. June 28
Starting Pitchers:        Marcus Stroman RH (Jays)     7-4  3.69 ERA
                                 Wade Miley         LH (Orioles)  3-5  3.48 ERA
Time:                         7PM
TV/Radio:                   Sportsnet, The FAN 590

Thurs. June 29
Starting Pitchers:       J.A. Happ           LH (Jays)       2-4  3.83 ERA
                                Ubaldo Jimenez  RH (Orioles)   2-3  7.26 ERA
Time:                        7PM
TV/Radio:                  Sportsnet,  The FAN 590

Source:   MLB.comtheStar.com


After a series of road games -- a four-game series split with the Texas Rangers, and winning one out of three in their most recent series against the Kansas City Royals -- the Blue Jays (36-39) come home for a series of games in their homestand, starting with the visiting  Baltimore Orioles (38-39).

The Jays have been 10-12 in June, not exactly a replica of their scorching May month, but nevertheless, they've teetered between being one game to four games below .500, which is where they stand now.

The silver lining in all of this may well rest with Jose Bautista.  In the past several games, Jose has hit .381 and an 1.051 OBPS.  Since batting leadoff, he sports a .480 OBPS.  When Jose gets stirred, look out.  If the Blue Jays can  combine steady, consistent pitching with offensive and base running support, they usually are a force to be reckoned with.  When not....

As for the Orioles, they set a Major League record in allowing five plus runs in twenty consecutive games.  Bad for them, good for us.  Then again, the O's have trumped the Jays in their season series' so far this year.

C'mon Blue Jays, let's get going!



Orioles 0  Blue Jays 4

A day after a listless loss (3-1) to the Orioles, where the Jays offence could generate little in the way of runs, Toronto got back on track Wednesday evening soundly and efficiently in shutting out the O's.

In efficiently we mean as in the Jays starter Marcus Stroman's strong performance through 7 & two-thirds innings.  Couple that with sound offence provided in the form of homeruns, courtesy of Bautista and Smoak (in a switch-hitting role here), and it all added up for the Blue Jays.
Osuna got the save.

Good, proficient game.  This is the way to go if the Blue Jays are to have any hope of greater success as the season progresses.  A rather 'rare' game where the Jays did not give up the lead, considering the fact that they've had 23 out of 37 come-from-behind game(wins) this season.

Quote"It makes a big difference when you take the lead," Gibbons said. "We've been giving up a lot in the first inning, playing catch-up. It's good to do it that way tonight."



Orioles 2  Blue Jays  0

Dreary, dreary, dreary...yawwnn...only two hits off of Orioles starter Ubaldo Jimenez.  Drats!

J.A. Happ  was the Blue Jays starter, and, oh well, he allowed two runs and got no offensive support.  It was that kind of game.  (*sigh*)