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Series 25: Blue Jays @ Royals (Fri. Sat. Sun. June 23 to 25, 2017)

Started by hockeyfan1, June 23, 2017, 03:26:22 AM

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Place:       Kaufman Stadium  Kansas City, MO

Fri. June 23
Starting Pitchers:       J.A.Happ   LH (Jays)       2-4  4.26 ERA
                                Jake Junis RH (Royals)    2-1  5.56 ERA
Time:                        8PM
TV/Radio:                  Sportsnet One,  The FAN 590

Sat. June 24
Starting Pitchers:      Marco Estrada RH (Jays)    4-5   4.98 ERA
                               Jason Vargas   LH (Royals) 10-3 2.27 ERA
Time:                       2PM
TV/Radio:                 Sportsnet,  The FAN 590

Sun. June 25
Starting Pitchers:      Francisco Liriano LH (Jays)     3-3  5.76 ERA
                               Jason Himmel     RH (Royals)  4-6  4.83 ERA
Time:                       2PM
TV/Radio:                 Sportsnet,  The FAN 590

Source:    MLB.com, theStar.com


The Toronto Blue Jays (35-37) play the Kansas City Royals (35-36) for the first time this season.  As baseball fans will remember, it was the Royals who eliminated the Blue Jays from the A.L.C.S. back in 2015.

Both teams have taken similar paths this year in general,  as they have experienced a poor opening month (April) and injuries, as well as similar records and vying for the the Wildcard spot (both 2 GB).

For the Blue Jays, it has been particularly trying, as in attempting to reach the. 500 mark and having failed to do so for the ninth time this year.  The Jays split their recent four game series against the Texas Rangers but made little leeway in terms of achieving something positive in the w/l column. That's probably easier said then done considering that Josh Donaldson was scratched from last game in the Texas series due to knee soreness, and utility Steve Pearce on the DL with knee confusion.

The Jays will have their work cut out for them in containing top-hitter Eric Hosmer and figuring out ace pitcher Jason Vargas. 

Of course, with Toronto leading the A.L. in the number of players they've placed on the DL this year (19 of 22), anything the Blue Jays do will be easier said than well, done.

Good luck.


Captain Canuck

Happ pitched well and deserved a better fate tonight.
Ian Parmley made his MLB debut.

Save situation and no Osuna in the 9th, seems odd, hopefully not some type of injury?
Tepera, Loup and Grilli couldn't get the job done in the last inning and the Royals came from behind to win.


Blue Jays skipper Gibbons had this to say about why Osuna didn't appear in last night's loss to the Royals:

Quote"He wasn't feeling good today. That's all you need to know."

Captain Canuck

Apparently Osuna is dealing with anxiety issues when away from the field and that it's a relatively new thing for him. He says he feels fine when out on the mound, but still wasn't able to pitch Friday due to "not feeling good". There is nothing black and white when it comes to mental health. I hope for his sake he overcomes these issues and feels better soon.

Much like Happ yesterday, Estrada pitched well today and deserved a better fate. Just not a whole lot of run support to help him out.
We won't have to talk about the .500 mark jinx in the next while as the Jays fall 4 games below.


Feel bad for Osuna, but as you mention, let's wish him well and hope for the best.

The silver lining in these losses is that both Happ, but particularly Estrada pitched better than the last time. 

It's still early in the season, and no one is really too worried yet about their position in the standings.  Soon, though, we'll find out if they are pretenders or contenders.  I'd much prefer the latter.  Right now as things stand, they are the former.


Blue Jays 8  Royals 2

Jose!!  That's as in Jose Bautista, who drove in four runs includibg the game-tying two-run homer in the fifth innibg, to eventually power the Blue Jays to victory. 

After Bautista's heroics in fifth inning, Toronto then proceeded to score five runs in the sixth inning beginning with Donaldson's two-run double.

Jays' starter Francisco Liriano got the win, while Roberto Osuna, who returned after an absence, got the save in the ninth.

In winning, the Blue Jays avoided a Royals series sweep.