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Series 14: Blue Jays @ Braves (Wed. Thurs. May 16 & 17, 2017)

Started by hockeyfan1, May 17, 2017, 08:14:22 AM

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Place:       SunTrust Park     Atlanta GA

Wed. May 16
Starting Pitchers:.             Joe Biagini  RH      (Jays)       1-1  2.28 ERA
                                        Mike Foltynewicz   (Braves)   1-4  4.04 ERA
Time:                                7:30PM
TV/Radio:                           Sportsnet,  The FAN 590

Thurs.May 17
Starting Pitchers:        Marcus Stroman RH (Jays) 3-2 3.38 ERA
                                       Julio Teheran RH (Braves)   3-3 4.08 ERA
Time:                                7:30PM
TV/Radio:                       Sportsnet,   The FAN 590

Source:    hostedstats.com,   Sportsnet


As luck would have it, the Blue Jays five game winning streak came to an abrupt end with their two-game series loss to the Atlanta Braves at home here in Toronto.

The Jays pitching, whether starters or relievers, had a boatload of trouble against the Braves who feasted on their opponents inconsistencies.  The Jays attempted offensive push was simply not sufficient to overcome pitching deficiencies as the Braves sought to exploit. 

The Blue Jays will now face the Braves once again playing in their spiffy new ballpark.  To prevent a bigger bulge in the loss column, Toronto needs to tighten up defensively and keep those bats flowing.  Anything less won't do.



Blue Jays 4   Braves 8

The bat flip.  The hit by pitch on Freddie Freeman.  The benches clearing.  Sounding like a tight competition?  Not in the least, not on the scoreboard.

The Braves hit Jays stsrter Joe Biagini with six runs in the first inning enroute to the win.

Bat flip?  Yes, by Toronto's Bautista and no not similar to the other infamous one (remember?). Having homered in the eighth and the Braves largely ahead in the scoring,  Bautista before rounding the bsses stared down at Atlanta relief pitcher O'Flaherty and with a wave of his arm tossed the bat high in the air.  The Braves weren't pleased, words were exchanged & both benches emptied.

As for  the Braves Freeman, he was hit by a pitch on his wrist.  The Jays Loup was in relief.  Freeman is the Braves leader in the RBI &:home run department, and currently leads the N.L. in the latter category. Too bad.

All in all, a night to forget for the Jays

Game story:


Blue Jays 9   Braves 0

Crazy night made right by the Jays hitters.  Starter Stroman pitches solidly.

Game recap: