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Series 11: Indians @ Blue Jays (Mon. Tues. Wed. May 8 to 10)

Started by hockeyfan1, May 08, 2017, 02:18:33 AM

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Place:           Rogers Centre   Toronto, ON

Mon. May 8
Starting Pitchers:              Marcus Stroman RH (Jays) 
                                       Trevor Bauer      RH (Indians)  2-3 7.67 ERA
Time:                              7PM
TV/Radio:                        Sportsnet One,   The FAN 590

Tues. May 9
Starting Pitchers:             TBD                        (Jays)
                                      Carlos Carrasco   RH (Indians)  3-2  2.18 ERA
Time:                             7PM
TV/Radio:                       Sportsnet One,  The FAN 590

Wed. May 10
Starting Pitchers:            Francisco Liriano   LH   (Jays)     2-2  4.44  ERA         
                                     Danny Salazar      RH  (Indians)  2-3  4.28 ERA
Time:                            7PM
TV/Radio:                      Sportsnet One,  The FAN  590

Source:   theStar.com,   ESPN


The return of Edwin.  As in Edwin Encarnacion, former Blue Jay and franchise career leader.  Going to  be interesting to see how Jays fans will greet him.  No malice towards Edwin here.  Afterall, Encarnacion expressed a desire to return to the Jays when he became a free agent in the off season.  Jays failed to sign him and the Indians did instead, where he has been producing but not quite at the pace that his replacement on his former team, Kendrys Morales has been doing.  And Morales certainly has not disappointed.

Comparisons between Encarnacion & Morales  are as such:
Encarnacion (.217, 5 home runs, 11 RBI, .726 OPS)
Morales       (.246, 6 home runs, 21 RBI, .726 OPS)

There you have it.  Morales has clearly been more productive in the RBI category as well in the BA, but both hitters share the same OPS.

Should be an interesting matchup considering that it was the Indians who eliminated the Jays in last season's  ALCS.



Indians 2  Blue Jays 4

Welcome back, Edwin!  It was Edwin Encarnacion's return to the Rogers Centre, but not in a Blue Jays uniform.  Rather, as a Cleveland Indian,  the team he signed with as a free agent in the off-season.
The crowd gave him a standing ovation and he was also given a video tribute.  Encarnacion acknowledged the fans, raising his cap with  a hand to the heart.  It was an emotional few minutes.

Very nice.  Now, back to basics, as the Jays starting pitcher Marcus Stroman was solid lasting all of six shutout innings with the win, as his teammates racked up an early 4-0 lead on the scoreboard.  Ryan Goins struck a monstrous two-run homer and Kevin "Superman" made the leap of the year robbing the Indians' Jose Ramirez of what looked to be a sure-fire double.  Pillar ran, leapt and made the high-flying catch denying Cleveland any chance of narrowing the score.

"Getting a win and with the other teams in this city out of the playoffs, hopefully our best baseball is in front of us and we can regain that energy that this place has had in the last couple of years," Jays centre fielder Kevin Pillar said.



Indians 6  Blue Jays 0.

The injuries keep mounting for the Blue Jays.  Kendrys Morales is the latest as he succumbed in last night's game to a "tight left hamstring".  While Morales is not overly concerned, the Jays injuries are taking it's toll in the hitting department where for the last four games, the Jays have had four or fewer hits.

Last night was no exception as Toronto did not register a hit against Cleveland starter Carrasco until the seventh inning.  The injury to Morales doesn't help in that category.

The Jays' starter Bollsinger allowed two runs on three hits and was fairly solid through five innings. Not so much the bullpen as the Indians racked up hit after hit and run after run.

Without  Russell Martin, Tulowitzki, Donaldson, Happ, Sanchez, and now Morales, winning isn't going to be getting any easier for the Blue Jays.

Source:   National Post


Indians 7  Blue Jays  8

The Blue Jays win the rubber match and for the first time this season, the Jays have won back-to-back series.

Powered by Bautista's three-run homer and with Ryan Goins singling in the winning run, the Jays capped a comeback rallyibg from a four run deficit.  It sure felt good to the Jays and their fans at Rogers Centre in Toronto, as the Jays won their seventh come-from-behind-game this year.

Not all was well with the Jays' starter Francisco Liriano who gave up seven, yes, seven runs over two+ innings.  Among one of his worst starts.  It's enough to discourage a team such as the position the Jays find themselves in right now, what with several players out, the bullpen in disarray, and what have you.

At least, the Blue Jays bats if not their pitching saved the day.