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Series 9: Blue jays @ NYYankees (Mon. Tues. Wed. May 1 to 3, 2017)

Started by hockeyfan1, May 01, 2017, 01:51:52 AM

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Place:        Yankee Stadium    New York, NY

Mon. May 1
Starting Pitchers:               Marco Estrada  RH (Jays)        0-1  2.70  ERA
                                        Luis Severino   RH (Yankees)   2-0  2.70  ERA
Time:                               7PM
TV/Radio:                         SN,  The FAN 590

Tues. May 2
Starting Pitchers:              Mat Latos             RH  (Jays)         0-0   3.27 ERA
                                       Masahiro Tanaka   RH  (Yankees)    3-1  4.20  ERA
Time:                              7PM
TV/Radio:                        SN,  The FAN 590

Wed. May 3
Starting Pitchers:             Marcus Stroman    RH (Jays)           2-2  2.97 ERA
                                      C.C. Sabathia        LH (Yankees)      2-1  4.34 ERA
Time:                             7PM
TV/Radio:                       SN,  The FAN 590

Sources:   theStar.com,  FOXSports


With the Blue Jays having just won their most recent series over the Tampa Bay Rays at home in Toronto, they now embark on a road trip that will take them to Yankee Stadium, home of the A.L. East's first place New York Yankees.

The Yankees (15-8) are currently tied for first with the Baltimore Orioles and sport the A.L.'s top home run hitter in rookie Aaron Judge, all six feet seven of him.
The key then for the Jays would be to contain judge and to continue clutch hitting as they had exemplified against the Rays.  It won't be easy, not without the likes of Donaldson, Tulowitzki, and pitcher J.A. Happ, all undergoing rehab after being on the 10-day DL.  Their return has not been established.

Good luck to the Blue Jays in New York.  Go get 'em boys!


Captain Canuck

Took a month to finally win back to back games and take a series and don't look now but the Jays have won 3 in a row!

Estrada FINALLY gets some run support and his 1st win of the season, despite pitching quite well so far this year.

GoGo had a big night with the bat driving in 4 runs (believe his personal best is 5 RBI in a game), including a 2-run sac fly.

Jose hit his 2nd HR of the season to put the game away and hopefully that gets him going.

Also the Jays aren't the worst team in baseball anymore (suck it Kansas City!)



Blue Jays 6   NYYankees 8

It was a game that the Blue Jays should have won.  Should, coulda, but woulda not.  Having given up leads not once but twice in the game and the baseball gods clearly not on their side, this was a game to lose.

When the Jays' starter Marcus Stroman starts feeling tightness in his arm, and being the Jays with already too many key people  off of their due to various injuries, adding Stroman to that list is surely not uplifting.

Stroman threw and blew both leads as his arm began bothering him more and more as the game progressed.  Of course, the bullpen in relief wasn't of much help either save for Joe Biagini who tried, but, at the end of the day what counts is what's posted on the scoreboard and that's what tells the tale of the end result.

Yes, the Jays won one of two here at Yankee Stadium, fine, but again these last two losses (11-5 in Tuesday's game) coupled with another ugly loss in this game, is simply not acceptable for a team that is slowly trying to right itself out of a losing cycle.