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Series 6: Blue Jays @ LAAngels (Fri. Sat. Sun. Mon. April 21 to 24, 2017)

Started by hockeyfan1, April 21, 2017, 02:30:53 AM

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Place:            Angel Stadium   Anaheim, CA

Fri .April 21
Starting Pitchers:.           Mat Latos RH   (Jays)
                                      Alex Mayer RH (Angels)
Time:                              10PM
TV/Radio:                        SN, The FAN 590

Sat.April 22
Starting Pitchers:             Casey Lawrence RH (Jays)      0-1 13.50 ERA
                                       Tyler Skaggs  LH     (Angels)   0-1  5.19  ERA
Time:                               9PM
TV/Radio:                         SN, The FAN 590

Sun. April 23
Starting Pitchers:              Marcus Stroman RH  (Jays)     1-2  4.05 ERA
                                        Jesse Chavez  RH      (Angels)  1-2  3.71 ERA
Time:                               3:30PM
TV/Radio:                         SN, The FAN 590

Mon. April 24
Starting Pitchers:              Francisco Liriano LH  (Jays)     1-1  5.11 ERA
                                        Ricky Nolasco  RH      (Angels) 1-2  4.76 ERA
Time:                               10PM
TV/Radio:                          SN,  The FAN 590

Source:   theStar.com,  Sportsnet


The Blue Jays come away from a woeful homestand into a four-game series  against league leader Mike Trout and the Los Angeles Angels.

Neither the Blue Jays nor the Angels are at the .500 mark this early in the season, but certainly the Angels sport a better record (7-10) than the Jays (3-12). 

The Blue Jays are keenly aware of how bad things have been for this club and with none of the injured returning for this road trip, it'll take a solid effort from the roster to achieve a more respectable outcome.

The Jays' best producer is Kevin "Superman" Pillar, no not for ball snatching superiority (which he continues to demonstrate in the outfield) but for his offensive contributions batting leadoff in the order.  Kendrys Morales has provided the homers but other Jays need to come alive and soon too.  With the Jays carrying baseball's worst w/l record, this road stand provides the Jays with the opportunity to gain greater ground in the win column.



Blue Jays  8   LA Angels  7     13th

Bautista!  That's right.  Joey Bats came out of his slumber belting a three-run homer in the top of the 13th inning that gave the Jays a three-run lead, which they nearly squandered but hung on to win the game.

These two teams exchanged lead after lead, run after run and hit after hit all night long.  It took extra innings but not before a plethora of relief pitchers took turns for both squads, respectively.

Well, enough.  The desperately-seeking-for-wins-Jays won it and that is all that counts, no matter how they accomplished it. 



Blue Jays  6   LA Angels  2

That's more like it!   Jays' starter Marcus Stroman went the distance and Devon Travis, Kevin Pillar & Ryan Goins each contributed homers as the Jays recovered from yesterday's loss to give the Angels a dosage of some bitter medicine.

For most of the game leading up to the eighth inning, the Jays seemed befuddled, or, more aptly, the Jays batters weren't eager to seemingly hit much off of this guy until finally the lineup woke up beginning with Travis' home run in the eighth inning.

It was no looking back for the Jays after that.  A satisfying win no doubt for the club, especially after another losing game Saturday.