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Series 5: Red Sox @ Blue Jays ( Tues. Wed. Thurs. April 18 to 20, 2017)

Started by hockeyfan1, April 18, 2017, 05:28:10 AM

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Place:          Rogers Centre     Toronto, ON

Tues. April 18
Starting Pitchers:.           Marcus Stroman  RH  (Jays)       1-1  1.76 ERA
                                      Brian Johnson     LH (Red Sox)       - - i
Time:                             7PM
TV/Radio:                        SN,  The FAN 590

Wed. April 19
Starting Pitchers:             Francisco Liriano  LH (Jays)         0-1  9.00 ERA
                                       Rick Porcello        RH (Red Sox)    1-1 7.56 ERA
Time:                               7PM
TV/Radio:                         SN, The FAN 590

Thurs. April 20
Starting Pitchers:              Marco Estrada  RH  (Jays)            0-1  3.50  ERA
                                        Chris Sale        LH  (Red Sox)       1-1  1.25  ERA
Time:                               7PM
TV/Radio:                         SN,  The FAN 590

Source:     theStar.com,   ESPN


After coming off a dismal series against the Baltimore Orioles, Blue Jays fans are hoping that a tilt with the Jays A.L. East rivals the Red Sox will ignite the Blue Jays puny offence.  With Josh Donaldson on the DL, he is joined by pitcher Aaron Sanchez who's had recurring pain on his blistered finger.  As if this weren't enough, ace  J.A.Happ will have his elbow investigated via MRI.  Happ left Sunday's game against the Orioles complaining about his left elbow.

That's the bad news.  Now for some good news...hopefully the Jays can come alive against Boston and break the losing cycle for a couple of wins.



Red Sox  8   Blue Jays 7

Close...but still no win.  The Jays did manage to pound out hits and homers  - by Martin, Carrera, &  Smoak -- but it still wasn't quite enough for a win.  Stranding eleven base runners didn't help either.  Good game though for plenty of the Jays hitters, guys like Pillar, Green, and Pearce thatcontributed.

Not so good game for Jays' starter Marcus Stroman who was less than stellar in giving up six earned runs.  It was one of those outcomes for Stroman.

With the loss, the Blue Jays fall to 2-11.



Red Sox  0   Blue Jays  3

A w-i-n!  The Jays bats came alive as Kevin Pillar and Darwin Barney provided the offence in that category, while starter Francisco Liriano and Jason Grilli as well as Roberto Osuna (save) provided the pitching mechanics in shutting down the Red Sox sluggers.

The Blue Jays still own the second-worst offence and runs scored in the league, but yesterday's victory proved that the Jays can get out of the losing rut and put some much-needed numbers on the scoreboard.  They'll need alot more games like these with more contributions from their roster (especially once the injured return) to achieve a level of winning, and from guys like Bautista and Martin, both of whom are still struggling to find their niche so far in the season. 

Good sign of something positive at least.



Red Sox  4    Blue Jays  1

The Jays closed out their current home stand on a losing note, seemingly unable to solve Boston starter Chris Sale. 
The Jays' starter Marco Estrada was his steady self, and seems back in form.  However, nothing Estrada or Kendry Morales did on the field could translate into a win.  The Jays record of 3-12 (worst in the league) is not lost on the players:

"It'd be understandable if we were on a different team with different names on that team," starter Marco Estrada said. "But you look at the names we have here and you start thinking 'how is this happening with a lineup like that and a staff like what we have and a good bullpen.' It's weird. It's hard to explain right now. We really don't know what's going on."

Hope they figure it out.  And soon, too.