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Series 3: Brewers @ Blue Iays (Tues. We'd. April 11 & 12, 2017)

Started by hockeyfan1, April 11, 2017, 06:32:33 AM

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Place:   Rogers Centre    Toronto, ON

Tues. April 11
Starting Pitchers:   J.A.Happ LH (Blue Jays)
                             Wily Peralta RH (Brewers)
Time:                    7PM
TV/Radio:              SN, The FAN 590

Wed. April 12
Starting Pitchers:   Marcus Stroman RH (Blue Jays)
                             Chase Anderson RH (Brewers)
Time:                     7PM
TV/Radio:               SN, The FAN 590

Source:     ESPN,  theStar.com


The Blue Jays come home!   After a road-opening week they'd rather soon forget, the Blue Tays begin their home opener this evening against the Milwaukee Brewers.  Ah, home is where the heart is, eh.  Way to go and good luck Blue Jays.

Okay Toronto...it's playball!!

Note:  For the first time since 2004 have the Jays started their season with a 1-5 w/l record.  The Brewers, of course, aren't faring any better with a 2-4 w/l record.
But never mind Milwaukee, we're concerned about our Blue Jays, and it's time for the offence to step up after what amounted to a dismal past week.

Let's hope the Jays home stand turns it around for them.



Brewers 4  Jays 3

Home not so sweet home (opener) for the Blue Jays.  Dropping their sixth home opener in a row setting a franchise record in that regard.  As if this wasn't enough, the Jays have amassed a dismal 1-6 w/l record -- the worst in franchise history -- for an opening week (both road & home).

Add to that the fact that the Jays bats aren't wrecking any particular havoc on opposing pitchers as opponents are on the Jays starters, in this game, the very reliable 20 game winner last year, J.A. Happ who lasted all of four innings.

It seems that the Jays have trouble getting that extra hit or that extra something that can turn a game around.  There doesn't appear to be a balance of support either way, or at least, offensively more than even with their starters so far.  While it's early in the season, the Jays have already fallen  3.5 GBL the A.L. East.

Oh true, it's a long season, lots of time to turn things around.  No one's worried.  When the team is 4 for 59 having stranded more runners than any one can count, no need to panic yet, certainly not Jays skipper Gibbons:

"Everything is magnified at the beginning of the season because if you're a hitter you're stating at the board and seeing what your average is," Gibbons said prior to the game. "Those important things in win-loss record. Ideally everyone wants to get off to a good start. There's nothing you can do that but play good baseball starting (now)."

Hope so.



Brewers  2   Jays O

Both starting pitchers -- Chase Anderson for the Brewers and Marcus Stroman for the Blue Jays -- pitched a three-hitter with Stroman going the distance for the losing side. 

Stroman's complete game was probably the best plus of the night, including some defensive gems by Pillar & Martin,  Other than that the Blue Jays remains an anemic .196 with only the Kansas City Royals having a more pathetic hitting average.