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Series 2: Blue Jays @ Rays (Thurs. Fri. Sat. Sun. April 6 to 9, 2017).

Started by hockeyfan1, April 06, 2017, 02:46:46 AM

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Place:    Tropicana Field  in Tampa Bay, FL

Thurs. April 6
Starting Pitchers:    Marcus Stroman (Blue Jays)
                             Blake Snell         (Rays)

Time:                     7PM
TV/Radio:              SN,   The FAN 590

Fri. April 7
Starting Pitchers:   Francesco Liriano (Blue Jays)
                            Matt Andriese       (Rays)

Time:                   7PM
TV/Radio:             SN,  The FAN 590

Sat. April 8 
Starting Pitchers:   Aaron Sanchez  (Blue Jays)
                            Chris Archer      (Rays)

Time:                    6PM
TV/Radio:              SN,   The FAN 590

Sun. April 9
Starting Pitchers:   Marco Estrada  (Blue Jays)
                            Jake Odorizzi   (Rays)

Time:                   1PM
TV/Radio:             SN,   The FAN 590

Source:    Sportsnet,   theStar.com


Jays 5   Rays  2

Leave it to Stro as in Jays' starter Marcus Stroman to keep his team in the game ad get the pivotal out.  That's what Stroman did for most of the game lasting well into the sixth inning before being relieved by Biagini and Grilli.

The only runs the Jays needed was the Grand Slam by Kendrys Morales in the third inning for the win.  Nothing much the Rays did that threatened that lead, not with the solid pitching on the Jays' part.



Jays 8   Rays 10

A terrible first inning for Jays' starter Francesco Liriano, as he gave up five runs not to mention the four walks, in what pretty well summed up this second game of a four game series Friday night against Tampa Bay.

The Jays did manage to take the lead by a 7-6 score in the sixth inning only to have the Rays feast on the Jays relievers.  It certainly wasn't the bullpen's night either.  The bright spot for the Blue Jays in this forgettable game were Tulowitzki & Donaldson,  both hitting their first home runs this season.

"It's one of those games," Blue Jays manager John Gibbons said. "It's a tough one to lose because we had the lead late, but we'll move on."



Jays 2   Rays 3    11th

Call this one the win that walked away Saturday.   Yes, that's right.  After Jays' starter Aaron Sanchez pitched a brilliant game up until the seventh inning, and after being relieved by both Biagini (who gave up the lead to the Rays foe the tying run), and after Jason Grilli continued on with scoreless relief...enter Tracey Lawrence.

The young reliever, called up from the Jays Buffalo Bisons Triple A farm team to relief an overworked bullpen, couldn't maintain control and walked in the final run in the extra innings. 

Tough loss with both teams playing a nearly identical game.



Jays  2   Rays  7

Looks like Tropicana Field home of the Tampa Bay Rays is one nasty place.  The Jays not only dropped their third game out of four against the Rays, but have a 61.33 w/l record in home series here.  Colour it ugly.

Marco Estrada, the Jays' starter in this game gave up five runs through seven innings, with little offensive support.  In fact, the Jays' Josh Donaldson, who had earlier homered to give the Blue Jays a brief two-run, left the game in the sixth inning due to a calf injury (tightness).   

A game definitely to forget.