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The Official NBA/Basketball Thread

Started by hockeyfan1, September 26, 2015, 05:44:03 PM

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Sunday's NBA All-ar game was won by Team LeBron 148-145  over Team Curry. 

James was named MVP.
The Raptors DeMar DeRozan led Team Curry with 21 points.



Defending NBA champions Golden State Warriors won their third NBA championship (and second in a row) in sweeping Lebron James & the Cleveland Cavaliers 4 games to 0.  Friday's Game 4 ended it all for the Cavs in a 108-85 crushing defeat.

Warriors' Kevin Durant wins MVP for the second straight year.




The NBA draft is so brutal for no reason. With the 10th pick the 76ers took this kid Mikal Bridges who was a Philly native, who went to school in the city and whose Mom works for the Sixers. They interview the kid about how happy he is to be playing for the Sixers, his Mom talks about how thrilled she is that he's staying at home and it's a real nice moment.

Then 15 minutes later it's announced he's been traded to Phoenix.
I wish to hell I'd never said "Winning isn't everything it's the only thing". What I believe is, if you go out on a football field, or any endeavour in life, and you leave every fibre of what you have on the field, then you've won.
- Vince Lombardi



Former Raptors coach and now Detroit Piston, Dwayne Casey, notched his first win with his new team, as the Pistons beat the Brooklyn Nets 103-100 in their season opener.


Ex-Raptor DeMar DeRozan led his new team with 28 points in a  112-108 win over Jimmy Butler & Minnesota Timberwolves in their seaon opener in San Antonio.


Looks like LeBron outsmarted Doncic & the Mavs thus leading to Green's three-pointer, with mere seconds left in regulation time.  Look closely and see the Laker's Howard pull his opponent's arms (an impedance and no foul called), that gave Green a clearer path to shoot sans obstruction.



Knicks won't give up courting Masai; DeMar coming back to T.O.?; and news from around the league...



The dunk that didn't count.  Ball goes in courtesy of Harden's dunk, then comes out after twirling in the net inside out, then goes back in...go figure.  The officials couldn't so they ruled it a non-basket.  Huh?  Check it out below:



A career that began in 2014:



Quite the achievement:



Only a Kawhi does this: