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Sanchez suspended 3 games; Gibbons suspended 1 game

Started by Potvin29, August 04, 2015, 02:06:26 PM

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Gibbons suspension is justifiable, but suspending Sanchez for that is hot garbage.
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Frank E

Have the Jays done something to piss-off the league?


Unreal. If Sanchez hit him in the head, even if unintentionally, I would understand, but the pitch was at the knees. Is this a message to the Blue Jays from the league? In some dead language?


Quote from: Frank E on August 04, 2015, 02:40:50 PM
Have the Jays done something to piss-off the league?

Yes. Being good and not being in the US of A.


Things felt like they had cooled off after that Ventura/Bautista/Zaun thing, and Volquez hasn't made any further remarks.

I get the sense this was an auto-ruling just based on the event (HBP + Ejection under warning; i.e. deemed intentional). But hot dogs of Kessel, the optics of the whole thing are very one-sided.

Here's what KCR did:
HBP on Donaldson
Chin-toss to Donaldson
HBP on Tulowitzki
Chin-toss #2 to Donaldson
Incendiary/Threatening remarks by Volquez and Ventura in media

Here's what KCR received from the umpires and the league:
Warning to bench on HBP on Donaldson

Here's what Toronto did:
Argued HBP on Tulowitzki
Argued Chin-toss #2 to Donaldson
HBP on Escobar
Gibbons returned to the field during bench clearing

Here's what Toronto received from the umpires and the league:
Warning to bench on HBP on Donaldson
Ejection of Gibbons on HBP on Tulowitzki
Ejection of Sanchez on HBP to Escobar
Ejection of Hale (acting Manager) on HBP to Escobar
Suspension to Gibbons: 1 game
Suspension to Sanchez: 3 games
#27 #TeamFasstholes

Captain Canuck

To me the whole thing should have been done and over with when Tulowitzki was HBP. Wolf had already issued a warning on the HBP to Donaldson AND watched another pitch fly past his chin at that point. Generally if a warning has been issued and someone else gets nailed by a pitch the offending pitcher is ejected. So to let things escalate and then toss Sanchez was complete BS!

Maybe Wolf is just angry that his brother has been lights out in Buffalo and yet the Jays haven't promoted him?!

Deleted Account

Trying to find the logic in any of this will only make your brain hurt. There isn't any.

For whatever reason, Jim Wolf is just an unprofessional, beer league softball umpire who displayed terrible judgement and compounded his error by letting his ego override whatever terrible judgement he had left, and now the league has to stand behind him because they're too stupid to realize baseball doesn't need umpires anymore.


Sanchez has dropped his appeal and will serve out the suspension. Total BS
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On one hand I'm disappointed that the Jays don't get to argue for a fair appeal but I'd rather have Sanchez available on Saturday/Sunday.