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Site Rules

Started by Darryl, October 05, 2011, 12:16:50 AM

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1.TMLFans.ca is run by and completely monitored by dedicated volunteers. As a visitor of the site, we don't ask you to pay to use the boards, and we reserve the right to try and make it enjoyable for the majority of it's visitors.

2. The site staff have the exclusive right and discretion to delete any posts they deem to be in contravention to these rules and guidelines, and subsequently ban repeat offenders, if necessary.

3. a) Fans from other teams are more than welcome to visit and post. Trolling is not welcome. If you're intent is to troll (definition: A post intended to incite a verbal fight, or to belittle or damage a person's / organization's reputation; or one who makes such posts, is a troll), then you will be banned. We encourage discussion on players and teams, but endlessly bashing, insulting, or belittling is not only tiresome, but it is not welcome. Civil discussions about abilities of a team or player is encouraged, but again, an intent of endless bashing is not. Leafs fans bash their own team more than enough, fans of other teams with no intent other than bashing are not needed.

3. b) We ask and encourage that fans from TMLFans.ca respect and follow the guidelines when visiting other team sites associated with TMLFans.ca . If we ask this of visitors to our boards, doesn't it make sense to be respectful of their sites?

4. Vulgarity/profanity has no place on the Penaltybox.com boards. We'd ask that you even refrain from using symbols instead of swearing. Just don't use or insinuate it, and your posts won't be deleted. We have fans of different ages and faiths visit here, and we ask that you respect that.

5. Spamming your site or product is not tolerated. We provide a links page and would be happy to add your site to our links, if it's hockey related. If it's not hockey related, email us for low-cost ad rates.

6. Racism and sexism will be deleted immediately and the offender will be banned.

7. If you post like a homer of the Leafs, expect your posts to be critiqued by fellow site visitors. Debating a player or their worth is expected, especially when you suggest we trade a 5th defenceman off the squad for Sidney Crosby. Just try to think before posting :)

8. Try to keep your posts in the proper forum. Although we allow some leeway, please keep non-Leafs talk out of the main Leafs forum.

9. Posting fake news headlines is not allowed. They will be edit or removed and the poster will be banned for a one week period. If at the end of the ban the user is caught doing it again the ban will be increased.

10. Let the moderators do the moderating. If you see a post which concerns you feel free to send a PM or email to one of our many admin or moderators.

11. Respect others. Argue their ideas, tear em apart, but keep the insults to yourself.

12.Have fun. The people  we have here are great with many differing opinions so enjoy.

13. Game day threads cannot be started more than 24 hours before a game. Also please share the creation of these with your fellow fans.