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No More Lurking

Started by Coderaspberry, September 25, 2011, 11:24:10 AM

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Hey all,

Been lurking around the site for about 3 years now, I didn't sign up because the old host didn't allow the use of g-mail addresses and I was didn't want to bother setting up another e-mail just to sign up.  Anyway, I guess they're letting anyone in now, so I figured I'd officially join the community.  Looking forward to over-analyzed and irrational discussions about firing Wilson and trading our 1st rd. pick to re-acquire Kaberle for a first line center position.

Go Leafs go!


"My father was born shortly after the Wright Brothers" Charlie Duke


You're right

Lurking - oh we knew you were there all along!

Welcome aboard!
There's valid reasons for the limited interest. Get out of your basement if you dare. The real world will bend you over.
Adios Chachi


You lurked, and you signed up?  There must be something wrong with you.

You'll fit right in.


Looks like a lot of us need to rebuild our street cred. 


Nothing wrong with lurking!