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My Book: The Best, Worst, and Biggest NHL Trades of All Time!

Started by RobDM, October 10, 2013, 12:43:29 PM

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I'm happy to announce that "The Best, Worst, and Biggest NHL Trades of All Time!" – the book I co-authored with Andrew Podnieks – is now available online, and in stores.

The book analyzes 58 trades, made between 1930-2007, involving several current and future Hall of Famers.

Each trade looks at three parts to the transaction:

  • The Dirt - what led to the trade
  • The Debate - a comparison of the players involved
  • The Result - who won, and who lost

Also in each chapter are short 'did you know?' sidebar stories on one or more players involved in the deal.

Here's an excerpt from the liner notes:

King Clancy was traded at the height of his career. So was Wayne Gretzky, Jaromir Jagr, Phil Esposito, and Howie Morenz. They got traded for other great players and draft choices, big names and small. Indeed, some teams became much stronger after a trade; others much weaker. Trades have been made to strengthen teams, shed a huge contract,or get rid of a disgruntled player. Sometimes the best player in a deal has turned out to be a draft choice who develops into a superstar many years later; sometimes it's the immediate benefit that matters the most. The Best, Worst, and Biggest NHL Trades of All Time! is devoted to the risky business of trading players. Some of the results are well-known; others are less so. Some trades leave a fan wondering how a GM could have made the deal; others make clear the genius of that GM.

Click here to order: http://www.chapters.indigo.ca/books/best-worst-and-biggest-nhl/9781552679173-item.html?LangType=4105&__lang=en-CA

Cheers and thanks for the support!


Looking forward to that!!

Edit to add, nice to see Augello give the book a nod too...
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Woot! Awesome, dude... Consider 1 less in stock in the very near future for sure!


I'd be down to buy it on Kindle or Ibooks, is it available through either platform?


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So I know it's early, and sample size and etc, but I can't help but wonder if the Bernier trade will appear in a future edition...  :D

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