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Remembering Mr T

Started by cw, August 03, 2013, 10:32:52 AM

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oh......wow, this is so sad. Loved Mr T, had some great message exchanges with him regarding game day threads and bears. He loved them. I loved hearing from him. Sad to think he'll never actually post here again, though I think of him every single time I come on here.. keep the MotM thread named after him, love that.

RIP Chris, my condolences to your family and thanks so much again, for everything. And to your daughter for having the strength and the compassion to share this news with us.



When Mr T had something to say, you took notice and more often than not, learned something, gaining a new perspective with a realistic outlook. 

Thanks Mr T, you will be remembered.


I'm devastated. I don't know that I liked or respected anyone I've ever talked sports, heck ever talked anything, as much as I liked MrT. On more than one occasion when we would go back and forth we regularly hit the 10,000 word per post limit and those exchanges were probably my personal highlight of the lots of time and words I've spent on this site. Despite giving as good as I could ever give argument wise and despite the fact that I know I can get too worked up when I'm really in the middle of a rant he was a guy who never, ever sunk to my level and only ever responded with well thought out words and considered positions. When the database crashed and we lost all of the posts from that era losing those, and the ability to read those every now and again, was the big loss for me personally. His absence has been one I've keenly felt since he was no longer able to post here. 

The few times we corresponded privately he was gracious and kind to no end. Sadly, I never got to meet him personally but from what I knew of him here he was everything that makes me like being part of this fanbase. He knew his stuff, spoke from the heart and was always loyal to the Blue and White.

Deepest condolences to his family, his friends and everyone who will miss him going forward.
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Another sad day to be sure ..... RIP Mr T..... you were indeed a "full clapper... top cheese!"


cw, would his daughter object to forwarding a photo? Or, do you folks think that's out of taste?


Aww....he was a great addition to the site. Though I haven't been around much, I remember him fondly and wish his family well.


Just from his posts on this forum, you got a real sense of how awesome of a person he was.  He will be missed.  :'(


One of the most knowlegeable and most articulated posters on this site. I thoroughly enjoyed his lengthy messages. MrT will be missed.
My condolences to the family.


RIP Mr T. 

I remember a while ago he came back for a short duration, as it was getting increasingly difficult for him to post.  I remember we had some conversations about using a text to speech program to help him post on the site. 

I often log on hoping to see his name again. 


I joined TMLfans at a time when Mr.T was posting frequently.  I always enjoyed his thoughtful and intelligent arguments, and although he hadn't posted in quite a while he remains one of the most memorable individuals since I've been here.  He will be missed!
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Very sad...when I first joined the site in 2004, T was one of the more friendly and welcoming people on this site.  He was very well spoken and very passionate.  I imagine it's been a hard couple years for him, but he is no longer suffering.

RIP Chris.  Hopefully we'll get to meet on another plain one day...


This thread makes it so clear that Mr T was universally loved and respected at tmlfans. His posts really, truly were the best. I have been missing him for quite a while. He was one of the most active posters when I joined.  And, to be completely honest, this site really isnt the same without him. I always hoped he would be able to return somehow.  Heartfelt condolences to his wife and daughter. 


Quote from: Dr. Bobby Leafer on August 03, 2013, 03:41:28 PM
cw, would his daughter object to forwarding a photo? Or, do you folks think that's out of taste?

it may have been on the previous incarnation of this site, before the great crash, but I'm pretty sure there was a picture of him here at one point...when he was explaining what was up with him, but before his situation became so incapacitating. Or maybe he'd messaged me one at some point...I have a clear memory of such a photo, but it's not in my messages folder so I think it must have been long enough ago that the site had since had its devastating crash.


Gilmour the Great

He was always a bright spot in a thread. I can only imagine how much he will be missed.

RIP Mr T, all the best to your family.


I'm saddened by this news, though not surprised. I hope he's at peace now. It hits close to home as my twin brother also has MS.

I definitely enjoyed his posts and our private conversations, as few as they were.

I wish his family all the strength. The obviously large impact he had here, on a hockey discussion board, can only be but the smallest glimpse of the large impact he must have had on so many others outside of this forum. He'll be dearly missed.