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Remembering Mr T

Started by cw, August 03, 2013, 10:32:52 AM

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From Mr. T's daughter:
Dear cw

I am writing because over the past years you have occasionally sent several emails to my father, who you knew as "MrT", to say that his friends at TMLfans were thinking of him (I obtained your e-mail address from one of those mails on his computer...I hope that's okay). It is with great regret that I must inform you that he passed away in mid July after an extended battle with Multiple Sclerosis. Perhaps you could convey this sad news to any of the other members there who knew and have enquired about him.

I know that dad greatly enjoyed reading and participating in discussions at TMLfans and that for some time it was one of the few things he truly looked forward to each day. It provided him with the ability to communicate with others (I believe he was already house-bound at the time he became a member), share his longtime passion for the hockey and the Leafs, and was a wonderful distraction from the increasing difficulties he experienced in everyday life. Dad found it extremely frustrating when his condition worsened to the point where he could no longer participate on the forums, although for the next year or two I (or sometimes mom) would occasionally read a few threads to him when he felt up to it since he remained keenly interested in both the team and the exchange of your members' opinions and ideas (I've even started to read TMLfans occasionally myself...I guess some latent hockey genes combined with having spent a few years watching games with him has awoken an appreciation for the game). I know he was deeply touched when I told him I'd seen that the "Man of the Match" thread bore his name this past year. While his Leafs didn't manage to win another Stanley Cup in his lifetime, he was aware that they finally returned to the playoffs this spring and expressed the hope that perhaps they are now on the right track again. Who knows...perhaps they are?

On behalf of my mother and I, thank you for the enjoyment you and the other TMLfans members brought to him during his time there, and for remembering him fondly after his departure.

Most sincerely,

Daughter of "MrT"

This was her followup granting me permission to post her email:
Thank you cw, and you may certainly post my email if you feel it the best way to let the members know. Dad, while unrelentingly outspoken on subjects about which he was passionate, was also very quiet and almost reclusive when it came to his own situation. He disliked it when people made a fuss over his condition or, worse, treated him differently because of it. As you say, I've seen a number of posts where people have mentioned him (many of which I read to him) and I did urge him some time ago to allow me to pass along a message to explain why he was no longer able to participate on the site. While at that time he adamantly refused, I think he would understand and agree with my decision to do so now (and my mother concurs).

Thank you for your well-wishes, and I will pass them along to mom as well.

Daughter of "MrT"

Personally, I am crushed by this news even though I knew for some time this was the likely eventual outcome. Like MrT, I've followed the Leafs for a long time - long enough to recall them winning four Cups when I was a little kid. Of all those from that time to this who wrote about the Leafs, MrT was the best in my opinion and my favorite. He provided wonderful, well thought out, meticulously prepared and unique, original insights. He was also a great asset behind the scenes for helping this site as RickC can attest. I regard him as a dear internet friend and will really miss him as I think many will and have already on this site.

I do smile at the notion that he might be somewhere up in heaven making his thorough case to God on why Leafs fans deserve a parade soon. If true, Leafs fans couldn't ask for a better advocate in that role.

My deepest condolences go out to his daughter, wife and family along with gratitude for their efforts in extending his stay with us that I treasured.

I will email a link to this thread to MrT's daughter.

Frank E

Thank you cw.

I remember him being quite articulate, and I'm also sorry to hear this. 

It goes without saying, but I suggest that you maintain the MOTM thread in Mr. T's name from here on in.


Rest in peace, Mr. T. You will continue to be missed around these parts for a long long time.
"Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts." - Daniel Patrick Moynihan


Thanks cw. Like you I figured we would hear this news eventually, but it's still very difficult to swallow. I greatly enjoyed his company both on this site and on the fantasy league that he set up. Although I never will forgive him for swindling Keith Yandle off of me well before he broke out! Alright, fine, I will.

My condolences to his family and friends. He had such an impact on a group of internet Leafs fans I can't even imagine how difficult this must have been for those who knew him the best. And a big thank you to his daughter for thinking of us and passing along the difficult news.


This is certain a bitter sweet message for me.

I have been missing Mr T's posts and opinion but was well aware they were absent because of the horrible battle he was having with his health even as he was having his body beginning to keep him from more and more of the basic routines.  Knowing that he is not struggling anymore creates a sad peace in me.
All The Best


Sadly, I too had a knowing about this and have come to grips with not talking to him anymore. It's heart-wrenching to hear the finality of it, but I'm relieved that he no longer suffers...

He was a great guy! He was definitely a man of substance and integrity. I will continue to miss him and think about him often. We hit it off from the first day he came to TMLFans.

RIP Chris (Mr T) you will be wholly missed and remembered fondly....


Oh my God. I had feared this was going to happen. RIP, "T." - IMO, the best poster this forum ever had.

Wendel's Fist

Wow, very sad news. I didn't always see eye to eye with Mr. T when it came to the Leafs but he was definitely someone I repected. Thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention CW and condolences to his family and friends.

Rest in peace, Mr. T.


Although I never had the pleasure of communicating with him personally, I always appreciated his valuable contributions to our forums.

Rest in peace, Mr T. Thoughts and prayers are with his family.


One of the classier and thoughtful posters on the site. He will be missed.

Boston Leaf

very sad news indeed..My condolences to Mr.T's family... Very sorry for your loss. Rest in peace Mr. T


A friend of mind passed away, quite early from the disease.  Can still remember his Edmonton Oiler taunts to this day.  Somehow I was glad.   Thankfully both him and Mr.T got to be around when their teams won.  It is with a tear in my eye that I offer my deepest condolences. 

Green Leaf

R.I.P. Mr. T

My condolences to your family.

Rick Couchman

I really don't know how to post this...

There are a handful of people who have really meant the world to me on this website.  People that I have barely met in person, yet who have been really good friends that have touched me and TMLfans.ca in a big way.

One of them was Sakura - and another was Mr T.  Both really left their fingerprints all over this place as being really great people who were so caring and compassionate as Leafs fans, and as TMLfans contributers.

Mr T, much like CW, did more to help this website become a place where people felt comfortable to hang out than I ever could.  Most people don't have any idea how much behind-the-scenes work they did to make this place what it is.

Reading the beginning posts of this thread by CW, I too shed tears to hear the news that many of us were unfortunately expecting.  It's really nice seeing everyone jumping in here and giving him the recognition that he deserves.

My condolences to anyone and everyone who lost a dear friend in Chris...


Such a shame to see a bright light  extinguished prematurely.

You will be missed, enjoy your peace buddy and may your family find the strength to carry on.