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2013 Memorial Cup

Started by seahawk, May 11, 2013, 09:23:38 AM

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Halifax Mooseheads win the 2013 Memorial Cup.

Final score:  Halifax 6  Portland 4

Nathan McKinnon (with a hat trick), Jonathan Drouin (with 5 assists) and Martin Frk helped propel the Halifax Mooseheads to their first-ever Memorial Cup.  The Mooseheads winning it also ensured that the QMJHL has now had three different teams in three successive years that have won the Memorial Cup.

As for the Portland Winterhawks (yes, Seth Jones did score), they got themselves mired in a 3-0 deficit in the first period before mounting a brief comeback in the second, only to have Ty Rattie's goal disallowed.  Portland was beginning to evolve a momentum at that point before the Mooseheads broke out and put the game out of reach for the Winterhawks.

Nathan McKinnon was tournament MVP as well as it's top goal scorer.

For more, go to: http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/juniors/mackinnon-drouin-come-through-for-mooseheads/:


Everyone still think Seth Jones is the first pick in 2013?

Corn Flake

Quote from: dappleganger on May 27, 2013, 09:13:41 AM
Everyone still think Seth Jones is the first pick in 2013?

After finally getting a good viewing dose of Jones' play in that Mem cup, I wouldn't take him over McKinnon. Not a chance.

McKinnon is the real deal. I think there's little doubt of that, especially after his performance. I think he's Tavares level but with better natural wheels.  Might even be a bit better but he's up there in that echelon of potential.

The problem with Jones is his defensive shutdown game isn't all that good - not yet. He doesn't play anywhere nasty enough in his own end. I think it goes back to the theory that it's very hard to determine how a d-man will mature at only 18 yrs old. offensively you can see he's got  but defense seems to evolve as they get older.  The "failed" 1st overall d-men picks of the past suggest it's not a good strategy. 

Drew Doughty is about the only d-man that comes to mind in recent draft history who lived up to or exceeded expectations almost immediately as a top 5'ish pick.   

The Avs are going to have the local kid pressure to draft Jones and it wouldn't surprise me at all if they did, but I think it's the wrong choice.


Quote from: dappleganger on May 27, 2013, 09:13:41 AM
Everyone still think Seth Jones is the first pick in 2013?

Yeah, I do anyway. I just think it makes too much sense for Colorado to pick the local defenseman when they're pretty deep down the middle. I can't pretend to have seen the entire junior season but I don't think the Memorial cup, even if Jones had a disappointing one, is going to play that big a role vs. the season long evaluation. Remember, there were a lot of people who after the World Juniors questioned whether or not McKinnon would even go in the top 2.
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I watched every game this tournament and was not impressed with Jones as a franchise D-man.  He skates very well and moves the puck very well but his defensive side of the game to me is average. He also plays with almost no emotion and plays way too laid back for my liking.  Almost seems disinterested at times. He never moves anyone from front of net and rarely hits.  Of course this part of game could improve or may not be that important.  I sat with Portland fans and they say that is his game all the time, he is not a physical player.  I don't think he was even Portland's best defenseman this week or all season.  I would not want to be the GM who has to make this year's choice!!!

Drouin and Mackinnon both played very well this week but to me MacKinnon is clearly the better player.  Drouin sees the ice well and is a terrific passer but MacKinnon is just electric.  When he gets the puck the ice just tilts and players are left on their heels.  He can also stick handle in a phone booth as I watched him many times beat players in slow motion.  He is the real deal.

I don't think any of the teams that get these 3 will be disappointed but to me MacKinnon has the chance to be a real special player and is the one I would pick if I was picking first.


I would take MacKinnon too, he's more of a sure thing. He's easy to peg as a marquee player.

Jones could reach the upper echelon people are talking about, and he'd be the better player, but there's also a big grey zone where he becomes a good but not great D-men.

Colorado will be picking Jones though.


Quote from: dappleganger on May 27, 2013, 09:13:41 AM
Everyone still think Seth Jones is the first pick in 2013?

Most likely.  Doubtful if this Memorial Cup performance by McKinnon (at being selected as MVP) would change Central Scouting's draft position on McKinnon.

If it should come to that (a shifting of draft positions), then, McKinnon will have been seen differently.

Jones has  muoh potential, no doubt, in developing into a premier NHL d-man, what with his fluidity with his skating and flexibility in his game (a capable rushing  d-man).  With his enormous reach and extended height, I can see in the mold of a Chara-Coffey
type eventually.

McKinnon is blessed with deft puckhandling skills, speed, and an ability to find the net effortlessly when scoring.  Here, at this Memorial Cup, he showed why he is at the top of the order as he elevated his game and showcased his talents to an even higher
level.  Any team in need of a sharp shooter, paired with compatible wingers on a forward line, that player would be McKinnon.

When it counted the most, Mckinnon rose to the occasion.  Jones did not.