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We need to help our team

Started by GK, April 07, 2013, 08:18:31 AM

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I really hurt that for 45 years our team does not win the Stanley Cup
We are not in playoff  for 7 years.
Therefore, I decided to make a special Mascot.
I did it  more than two years, exactly 70 games, only  when the team won the game.
A victory of the team depends not only on the five players and one
goalkeeper on the field but, as well on the important fans who are
like the seventh player on the field. They love and root for the team
and are willing to do whatever it takes to help the team win.
The special computer  that I made will not work without the fans.
We all know that "good attracts good".
For example, to light wood or paper from the sun, we use a magnifying
glass to focus the light into one point and start a fire.
This computer is used as a "magnifying glass", to keep all the
happy moments of the team.
Inside can be special notes, pictures, videos,  but only good things
about the team from the fans themselves.
Everything can be photographed and recorded on the computer along with
writings of victories and great wins to come.
I am hopping that when the fans gather all the best moments and turn
it into a "magnifying glass" mascot, we will light the fire and win
the Stanley Cup!

Corn Flake