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Women's hockey

Started by hockeyfan1, March 24, 2013, 11:32:33 AM

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The Team USA Women's squad will be boycotting the upcoming 2017 World Women's Hockey Championships, to be played in the U.S. (in Plymouth, Michigan), over the issues of equitable & fair treatment and wages:

...they announced Wednesday, is they'll be boycotting the IIHF world championships next month—a tournament in which they're defending champions, a tournament that'll be held on their home soil—unless USA Hockey takes big steps towards meeting their demands for fair pay and treatment.

In the words of captain Megan Duggan, the women want the organization that runs hockey in the country to "stop treating us like an afterthought."

USA Hockey pays the women in the national team program $1,000 per month for a six-month period every Olympic year. That's it. "The other three and a half years, they don't give us any money," Lamoureux-Morando said. It's why you'll find a lot of players who double as personal trainers, coaches, and IT workers on the roster.

"If you're at the pinnacle of your sport, you should be able to make a living wage doing so," Lamoureux-Morando said. "We should be able to make a living wage being the top female hockey players in the country and not have to hold second and third jobs."

Players do also get compensation from the U.S. Olympic Committee, ranging from $750-2,000 per month. Travel and food is covered—but not like it is for the men's senior team, or the world junior team.

"The food we eat isn't as good, and we don't stay in as nice hotels," Lamoureux-Morando said.

Over the last year, they've been asking for more playing opportunities (they play just nine games in non-Olympic years) and financial support "consistent with the boys' teams," as a statement puts it.

"None of those requests get addressed in our conversations," Lamoureux-Morando said. Fair compensation, travel, relocation expenses, pregnancy benefits, worker's compensation and disability insurance are all on a long list of requests.

This has been in the works for 14 months, since the women's team approached Ballard Sparhr—the same law firm that represented the American women's soccer team last year, when they demanded equal pay with their male counterparts.



Chalk one up for Team USA, eh?  With the American squad having had no pre-tournament practice nor training camp, and threatening to boycott their participation in this year's 2017 Women's World Hockey Championships, well, who would have known as Team USA solidly shutout Team Canada 2-O, in what was both their tournament opening game.

With the U.S. Women having secured the agreement they were seeking with USA Hockey just days prior to this opening game, there was an emotion that the Americans displayed on ice that parlayed into victory.

True, Team Canada seemed slow and lethargic, and off their game somewhat, what with Shannon Sabados making 28 saves, but give the U.S. credit on this one.

"We're so united," U.S. forward Gigi Marvin said. "We were itching to be on the ice and it was displayed beautifully tonight, the unity, the support around the ice.

"It was something that means a lot especially after what we went through."

"It was a big thing for female sports and they got it," (Team Canada's)Poulin said. "I think it was a big emotional game for them tonight."



In other game results at the 2017 WWHC:

Team Russia who was without it's top scorers Shokhina & Sosina, managed to stave off Team Finland 2-1.

Team Germany surprised Team Sweden 3-1, while Team Switserland defeated the Czech Republic in a shootout 2-1..



Uh oh, Canada.   Team Canada succumbs to a 4-3 defeat to Team Finland, and it is the first time ever  that the Finns beat the Canadians at a World Women's tournament.

The Finnish women were overcome with jubilation and left Team Canada shaking it's head figuring out what they need to do to continue to stay alive at these World Championships all of a sudden.

Team Canada needs to beat Team Russia and avoid going O-3 in this preliminary round to even have a chance to a semifinal bye or quarter-finals.
Goal differentials will decide the tie-breaker.



In other WWHC action:

The surging Germans outlasted the Czech Republic 2-I, while Switzerland but Sweden 2-1.

Team USA continued it's mastery with it's second consecutive shutout win, His time a 7-O drubbing of Team Russia.

Source:   Sportsnet,    IIHF


Re:  Team USA's Amanda Kessel:  Phil would be proud...as she was inspired by his Stanley Cup victory.



Finally!  Team Canada's offence exploded in an 8-O thrashing of Team Russia in a matchup played Monday.  Team Canada also gets a bye and participation in Thursday's Semi-final versus Team Finland.

The Canadians earned their Semi-final date by having the tiebreaker in the goals differential column.  Finland & Russia were tied in this category which vaulted Canada ahead.

As for Team Finland, they lost to the U.S. Monday, by a stubborn 5-3 score.


So far, so good.


In today's WWHC Quarter-Final action

The "Cinderella" Team Germany stunned Team Russia 2-1 and a matchup against Team USA in Thursday's Semi-Final.

Team Finland defeated Team Sweden 4-0 and will play Team Canada in Thursday's Semi-Final matchup.

Team Czech Republic beat Team Switzerland 4-2.

Source:   IIHF


Okay Canada!

Team Canada shuts out Team Finland 4-0 and book a trip to the Gold medal game against Team USA.

Team Canada came bursting out of offensive gate against the Finns taking an early lead and outpaced Finland with their puck possession.  Of course,  Canadian 'keeper Shannon Szabados had to be at her best and she more than was indeed, backstopping some dangerous Finnish scoring chances, effectively shutting the door on Team Finland.

Canada now plays the U.S. in Friday's Gold Medal match.



Team USA routed Team Germany 11-0.  The shot tally was 39-8 in favour of the Americans before a raucous home crowd.

The Germans were considered the "Cinderella" team of the fournament making it this far into a Semi- final game.  Kudos to them but the reality is that the U.S. was simply overpowering on their home turf.

Team USA will meet Team Canada for the Gold Medal matoh Friday.



In the Classification Round game, Team Russia beat Team Sweden 4-3, for the 5th or 6th spots.

In the Relegation Round, Team Switzerland scored in OT to defeat Team Czech Republic 3-2.  Game 2 is slated for Friday.

Source:     IIHF.com


2017 WWHC Gold Medal Game:  USA 3  Canada 2  OT

What a way to finish for the Americans before a cheering home crowd, as Team USA's Hilary Knight was the heroine in scoring the pivotal overtime goal that won the Americans their eighth WWHC Gold.  It's also the first time they've ever won it on their home ice.

For Team Canada, it has not been since 2012 that they last won the Gold at a WWHC tournament.  Still, for the Canadians, this game could have gone either way.  Small consolation knowing that they truly challenged the U.S. squad, as has been done so many more times in these previous tournaments.

"The last time we played at home we lost to them in Vermont, and we didn't want that feeling again," said defenceman Kacey Bellamy, who scored the Americans' two goals in regulation. "The support we've had the last few weeks has been incredible, so we wanted to win this for the fans."

"We're both great teams," Knight continued. "You have to try to cut the odds in your favour, but at the end of the day you saw a great hockey game."

"I heard the Canada chants, and then was thinking, 'Come on! Let's get the U.S. chants!' It was an awesome atmosphere," Knight added. "To get the fan support was amazing. We often play in places we're getting booed, so cheers were great."

"I thought we played really well," offered Canada's Meghan Agosta. "I think the biggest thing we can take out of this is to get more quality shots on net. It's tough right now, but we need to bounce back."

Anytime these two meet, it's guaranteed to showcase exciting two-way hockey.



2017 WWHC Bronze Medal Game:   Finland 8  Germany 0.

Team Finland finally turned on the offensive firepower to unleash eight goals in shutting out the Germans.  Perhaps no one was actually expecting Germany to win, but no one foresaw The Finns scoring that many either.  Good for them, as they were thoroughly dominant in this Bronze Medal match.

As for Team Germany, just to finish fourth here at these WWHC is an achievement, the best showing for the German team yet.

"We started pretty well in the tournament, but as you can see on the ice against Canada, the United States, and Finland, the gap is big," acknowledged Germany's coach Benjamin Hinterstocker. "We don't have to talk about which team is the better one, but overall, we should be happy for the team and women's hockey in Germany. I think we represented German women's hockey well."

Very well said.  And for the Finns, very well played.



2017 WWHC Classification Round (Best-of Three):

Switzerland 3  Czech Republic 1  (Switzerland wins series 2 games to 0)

Chalk one up for Team Switzerland's Aina Muller, as Muller's three points ( one goal, two assists), along with Florence Schellings goaltending was all that was need to stymie the Czechs.

Bronze medallists at the 2014 Women's Olympic Hockey event, the Swiss were not about to lose their classification.  It would have been a definite downer had they not won considering their previously-mentioned achievement.

"Going into Sochi was different," Schelling noted. "We were in the top group, so we didn't have to win a game to make the quarter finals. And at that point, it's 50-50. But this time, we're in the lower group, so we have to qualify for the quarters next year. And although we've improved so much, so has all of women's hockey. You can see that in every game."

As for Team Czech Republic, their relegation is awaiting but the decision will made during next month's Men's WHC tournament.  The IIHF may expand the Women's pool for the next WWHC tournament.