is a community based website covering the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team.

It was founded originally by Rick Couchman in the early 1990’s and was hosted on Golden Triangle Online in the early days. Rick bought the domain name in 1996 and dedicated more time to running the site, and then changed the name to in 2003 to better reflect the Leafs community aspect.

Since the site grew at a very fast pace in early 2000, Rick brought in partners Rob Del Mundo, Darryl Lierman, and Jay Speers to help run the site. Jeff Lewis was integral in looking after the technical aspects of the site, as well.

Currently there are numerous writers, moderators, and editors that help to keep the site running on a daily basis.

It’s a team effort in running a site this large, and it has been recognized by numerous media outlets such as: Fan590, 640Toronto, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, Ottawa Sun, Globe and Mail, CBC radio, and much more.

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