I heard a stat yesterday in passing, and I think it went like this: There have been 32 coaching changes in the NHL in the past 3 years.

Whatever the case, NHL coaches are hired to be fired.  It’s not like a smart coach gets hired because he’s smart, and then fired because he becomes dumb, it’s all about how he manages the dressing room.

If players start to tune out there coach – they’re done.  That’s life.  The best chance a coach has is to get the ear of the team’s best player and/or captain.

That said, I like the Paul Maurice hiring in Winnipeg.  He’s one of the nicer guys in hockey, is smart as a whip, and is good with the younger players.  I suspect he’ll bring some change to the Jets endeavors.

Leafs and the Canadian Olympic team…

Did you know that Bryan McCabe was the last Canadian Leaf player to play in the Olympics?  Ouch.

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