I have to start out by saying I’m not a fan of pro athletes in the Olympics.  Especially in hockey and basketball.  But since I can’t change that, I’ll still be glued to the tv during the games.

Big shout out to Phil Kessel, James van Riemsdyk and Nikolai Kulemin for all being selected to play in the upcoming Sochi winter Olympics.  The Kulemin announcement caught me a little off-guard.  Not surprised to see Dion Phaneuf snubbed.  All-in-all I look forward to being snowed in at the cottage up north, watching a couple weeks of Olympics.

Oh, and was I not the only one that fell asleep during the Team Canada speeches yesterday afternoon?

Corner Play…

Is it just me or is corner play completely changed over the past decade or so.  I swear there used to be countless scrums in the corner with someone inevitably trying to freeze the puck.  Then we’d get a whistle and automatically everyone, right on cue, would start giving face-washes with their gloves.  Was there not 8 or 10 of these whistles a game?

Kudos to the NHL for pushing their refs to keep play going.  It’s been a fairly subtle change that I hadn’t really thought about until now.

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