To say the Leafs loss to the Panthers looms large, that doesn’t begin to address the issue.

I’ve said it again and again.  We need to ice a complete squad with no injuries and no suspensions before I give up on them.  They are playing with loose links that need to be fixed.

Many are calling for Carlyle’s head.  I don’t think it’s to that point yet.  I have no idea if the players are listening to their coach.  Let’s wait until they have a stronger roster – and then make our assessments.  It’d be nice if Dave Nonis could call around and find a centre to help out.  I know he has to give to get, but we are far too weak down the middle.

Addressing a few links will fare far better than drastic measures at this point.

New contract for Phaneuf?

There are whispers coming out that Leafs Captain Dion Phaneuf is negotiating his contract.  The terms seem to be in the area of $7million per year for 7 years.  Now I’m not the biggest fan of his, but I do think they are realistic terms.  The guy plays the PP, the PK, and puts up 27 mins per game. he carries a good +/-.  Plus he wears a C and steps up to talk for the team when needed (even though there are casual fans saying he shouldn’t be captain – I don’t know that not being in the dressing room).

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