It really was a sad sight, right off the opening faceoff, when our Toronto Maple Leafs started to implode.

It was just Jame Reimer, who was chased out on 3 goals in 15 shots – he hardly had a chance on any of them.

No, it was a lackluster ssuad who played a solid game the night before against the Kings.

The Blues, as was apparent early on, owned the Leafs in shoot-ins into the offensive zone.  They were chipping the puck softly into the corner, away from Leafs goaltending, and then beat out blueliners to the puck.  The cycle would start, and the Blues almost always found someone moving into the slot.

The loss wasn’t the end of the world.  The Leafs don’t need to drop everything and start rebuilding. They need to be a little patient until the injured and suspended.  Add to that several Leafs are playing through injuries.

Kadri Plays Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde…

I just can’t figure Nazem Kadri out. Some games he dominates the opposition, making his way throughout the offensive zone without being touched, and other games he seems a stride or two behind the play.

And his defensive work… just is plain scary.  Generally he makes a decent effort to get back, but once he gets inside the Leafs zone, he looks lost.  He’ll sometimes pick up his man correctly, but quickly loses him.

Is a little consistency too much to ask for?

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