They say Karma is a bitch.  Last night the Toronto Maple Leafs played pretty sound hockey, but ended up on the wrong side of the scoreboard in a 3-1 loss.

The most interesting stat was the shots.  The Leafs actually WON that category, not that it’s worth much.  But they did out-shoot the Kings 39-23. That’s right, the Leafs only had 23 shots against.

The major difference was not that Jonathan Bernier was weak in this game, but rather his counterpart was stellar.  The kid’s name is Martin Jones. He’s only been in the NHL long enough to have a cup of coffee, but he’s won his fourth start in a row and was coming off back-to-back shutouts against the New York Islanders and Montreal Canadiens. And he certainly earned his first star award.

The Leafs travel to St Louis tonight for an 8pm tilt on Leafs-TV.

 More Than Just a Scorer…

Seems whenever you think of Phil Kessel, you think goals.  The guy has a rocket of a shot with accurate, quick release.

But he’s so much more.  Look back to his pass last night that earned him an assist.  He by all rights could have shot. He was in the slot with room to let it go, but instead he made a pass to Cody Franson, who buried it easily from the side of the net.

And that’s not a one-time event.  He’s 13th in the NHL for points, but only 16 of the 30 points are goals.  Add that to a strong effort in back-checking and you’ve got a very well rounded player.

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