Jim Ralph LeafsJim Ralph was one of the first guys that I got to know in my days covering the Leafs.  Didn’t matter who you were – he’d take a minute to say hi.

So when word broke today that he’d been fired from his radio perch in the ACC, I couldn’t think but feel sad for my fellow scribes, as well as Leafs fans who’d hear his voice game in and game out.  He knew the game extremely well, and could add colour to the broadcasts with humour at every turn.

Jim was extra nice to me.  He didn’t need to be.  I was a lowly scribe working for Stan Fischler Hockey.  There were some snotty mainstream media who only consorted with each other – I won’t name names – but they were their own biggest fans.  Not so with Jim.  He’d always stop and say hi, asking what’s new. The funny guy had a really good side to him.

So I hope Jim finds some place else where he can share his love of hockey, and keep us smiling with the one-liners.  If you ever get to sit in on an event where he’s the MC, you’re surely in for some great comedy.

You can find Jim on twitter at:  @Jim_Ralph